Creating a kitchen that ‘has it all’ is no easy undertaking— but it can be done. When planning your kitchen remodel, you want to ensure it fulfills all of your needs and desires. Despite extensive investigation, you may still be wondering: are there features I’m forgetting? Before finalizing your plans, take a look at a few kitchen elements to consider incorporating.

Induction Cooktop

Popular in houses with small children, the technological gift of induction cooktops are becoming more commonplace. This cooktop transfers heat via a magnetic field and never gets hot to the touch. In addition to being a safer option in kitchens with a lot of activity, induction cooktops are lauded for their excellent energy efficiency in comparison to traditional electric cooktops. Need to boil water in 90 seconds? Your kitchen is missing an induction cooktop.

Prep Sink

Opting for a secondary prep sink can be a kitchen game changer that opens up the flow of traffic. Prep sinks allow your kitchen to accommodate more cooks and make mealtime a sociable, fun experience. Outfitting your prep sink with a garbage disposal will make food preparation and clean up even easier. When it comes time to entertain, your prep sink doubles as an ice vessel for chilling everything from wine to cider to half-shell oysters. Available in a variety of shapes and materials, the perfect prep sink for your kitchen is a simple search away. Once you experience life with a kitchen prep sink, you’ll forget how you ever lived without one.

Dedicated Coffee Station

When it’s time for your cup of morning joe, do you find yourself walking back and forth trying to get all the necessary supplies together? The simple solution to this unnecessary exertion of energy: an area devoted to coffee preparation. For this quick fix, eliminate wasted steps by positioning your coffee maker or espresso machine in an area with easy access to cups and stirrers. Leave enough space to prepare your brew and keep accompaniments like sugar, simple syrup, and honey within an arm’s reach. A few adjustments are all you need for a stress-free coffee preparation process.

Surround Sound

Whether you’re listening to jazz while washing pans or creating ambiance with classical tunes during your next neighborhood get-together, music livens up any experience in your kitchen. Equipping your kitchen with in-wall or ceiling speakers during your next remodel is a subtle yet effective upgrade that makes spending time in your kitchen more enjoyable. Now available with Bluetooth capabilities, it’s easier than ever to take your favorite music from phone to your kitchen speakers. For a no-clutter, high-tech solution in your kitchen, integrate a surround sound system.

Access to the Outdoors

Kitchens lacking outdoor access feel stuffy and poorly lit. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from when seeking to open up your space with doors and windows. If you’re going for a modern country home feel, sliding glass-paned barn doors function as a beautiful focal point year-round. French doors are an elegant addition to a traditional kitchen and add timeless charm and character. For a more contemporary look, consider folding windows or airplane hangar style doors for a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

Skylights and light tubes are another effective option to utilize if you’re looking to bring the outdoors in. Easy-to-install skylights and light tubes flood your kitchen with natural light and brighten the mood of your space. Find more inspiration for your kitchen door and windows in this Houzz article.

Professionals to Guide You

The responsibilities of homeownership are a lot to manage. Thankfully, when it comes to remodeling, renovating, and furnishing your kitchen, you don’t have to handle everything on your own. Our team of design build professionals will guide you through every step of your kitchen upgrade process. When you’re ready for a kitchen remodel, consult the professionals at Factor Design Build to ensure you finally have a kitchen that’s not missing a thing.  

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