What Is True Design Build?

What Is True Design Build?  

One of the biggest questions we get at Factor Design Build is, “What is true design build?” 

In its truest form, design build is a seamless process in which everyone involved with a home remodeling project is on the same team. Everything is connected from start to finish – from the original design to the last day of construction to the warranty afterward.  

On the other hand, traditional construction processes (often called design-bid-build) divide the different aspects & phases of a project to different people and companies. For example, architecture is handled by one firm, and then it’s up to a contractor to turn those drawings into reality. There are often competing objectives here. The architecture is designing without construction in mind and the contractor is left trying to guess what the client wants in their home. In many cases, the various professionals involved don’t know each other, which leaves a lot of room for miscommunication and finger-pointing down the line.  

True design build makes art the yin to science’s yang. At Factor Design Build, our creative team of architects and designers work alongside our project managers and carpenters to achieve the same goal. There are no competing objectives. Instead, the design team and the construction team are focused on the same goals with aligned objectives throughout. Since our design and execution teams work hand in hand, our projects come through on time, and within the established budget. 

Common Misconceptions About True Design Build

prado drive boulderOne of the biggest misconceptions we hear is that homeowners will be sacrificing design quality by using a design build firm. Architecture firms pride themselves on hiring great architects and designers, and then that’s who runs their firm and runs their designs. 

Unlike most construction companies or home remodeling contractors faking being a design build firm, we do the same thing. Factor Design Build’s team has architects to run the designs and projects. That means all of our design builds are professional, true design from experts.

We want to put an end to the idea that design build is just a bunch of general contractors faking it. Our team has the best designers and the best architects in the field and our area, and they are on the team. The misconception that if you want high-end architecture, you can’t work with design build firms is definitely being disproved here.

Why Work with a Professional Firm?

One of the best things about a design build firm is accountability. A true design build firm is accountable for the design, the construction process, and the integrity of the project as a whole. Everything is the firm’s responsibility; nobody gets to shift blame to anybody else. True design build firms are willing to take all the responsibility for the entire process from beginning to end. 

south saint paul denver factor design build josh fiesterWorking with a design build firm also means you can be more efficient on the design side. Our designs are actually a little more cost-effective and let us get to work faster than the rest of the industry. Since our design and construction teams operate from under the same roof, we can skip the time consuming process of bidding construction drawings out to contractors and subcontractors. 

Our design team talks to each other throughout the process. Communication is key for Factor. Let’s say the guys in the field have a question; they don’t need to guess what the architect meant. They can just come to the office and work with the designer to figure it out. The client knows their objectives are aligned with the team in every phase of the remodel.

Why work with Factor Design Build?

There are also a few differences between other firms and what we’ve built here at Factor Design Build.

When you decide you want the help of a professional design building firm, choosing one is a really big decision. You want to make sure that the firm you choose can deliver the design you love at a good value. You also want to make sure that you can communicate with the team and have your standards for quality met at every stage of the project.

That’s why we focus on providing our expertise to our clients. It’s our job to be the construction experts, so you don’t need to worry about it. At Factor Design Build, we are also fully responsible for the entire process and enjoy making it easy for the client. With Factor, everyone is part of the creative process. We always say that we’re kind of like a sherpa for our clients. We’re responsible for making sure that you get where you want to go safely and on-budget.

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While we’re the experts in design and build, we also believe in extending expertise to customer service and care. We believe in relationships, and that they are about shared intention and shared goals. That means, when you work with Factor, you get a Fixed Price Construction Agreement and a Fixed Price Design. If the design takes longer or costs more for us, there is no additional cost to our clients. Because of that, our projects typically don’t run over because we’re not allowed to ask the clients for more time or money. Clients also know what the project will cost in a very clear and transparent way, and there aren’t changes to that cost to cause stress or tension between the client and our team.

Creating Spaces that Improve People’s Lives  

We want our clients to view their investment as more than just a home improvement. Our number one goal at Factor is to create spaces that improve people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $200,000 project or a $2 million project, we do our best work for everyone. We think this is a real reflection of our core values, and the fact that everyone on our team knows what they are — and abides by them.

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We take care of people, and by “We,” that means everyone who is involved in the process: clients, subcontractors, employees, anybody we do business with. Factor Design Build focuses on being kind, being genuine, and being humble. From a firm perspective, we take care of our employees, and that in turn makes them able to care for our customers and clients. 

Connect with a True Design Build Firm

There are a lot of contractors and firms out there who promise to make the home renovation and construction process easy. The real key to finding a successful and honest firm is finding one with 1) happy clients and 2) an in-house team. If the architecture, design, construction, interior design, etc. are all separate contractors, you don’t have a true design build firm.

Blame starts to shift when things start to become disjointed. In the long run, contracting projects out to multiple sources is more expensive and takes more time. Factor Design is a true design build firm, and we believe in elevating the level of service we provide.

Our team understands that we are the single source for success or failure, and that’s what makes Factor unique amongst design build companies as well as non-design build companies. We take full responsibility for and care of your project, resulting in a home you’re thrilled with and because it looks amazing, functions well, and finished both on time and on budget.  

In business since 2016, Factor Design Build is here for all your home renovation needs in the Denver area. Contact us when you want to get started on your next project.

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