Fixed-Cost Design & Construction

Fixed-cost pricing is a project delivery method that establishes a single price for a remodel project before the start of construction. This approach provides clarity and stability, ensuring the agreed-upon budget is adhered to throughout the project. We bear the cost of delays or errors, not you, so we’re focused on timely completion and doing it correctly the first time.

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Fixed Cost Pricing

What is fixed cost pricing?

A fixed-price contract is a deal where the builder and homeowner agree on a predetermined total cost for the construction project. Often referred to as a lump sum contract, it is widely used in both commercial and residential construction. This type of contract covers the costs of all construction services, including materials, design, and labor. Once it's signed, the agreed-upon price remains constant, no matter the actual time, resources, or expenses incurred during the project.

Benefits of Fixed-Price Construction Agreements

  • Budget Clarity

    With a fixed-price model, you can relax knowing that the agreed-upon budget stays the same from start to finish. There won’t be any surprise costs or unexpected expenses throughout construction.

  • Scope Clarity

    Our fixed-price Construction Agreement ensures every detail of the project is clearly defined and agreed upon before we start. Any changes in scope will be documented and require your approval, so everyone is always on the same page.

  • Guaranteed Quality and Efficiency

    Delays or mistakes cost us money, not you, so we’re committed to finishing on time and doing it right the first time.

How Fixed Cost Pricing Works

Design Phase:

Our talented team of Interior Designers and Architects collaborates closely with you to design a space that aligns with your overall design aesthetic, project scope, and budget. This phase involves detailed discussions to understand your vision and preferences, ensuring the final design meets your expectations.

Estimating Phase:

Once our Designers complete their work, we move into the estimating phase. Here, we meticulously calculate the cost of construction, down to the fixtures and finishes you have selected during the design phase. We collaborate with trusted trade partners to ensure every aspect of the project’s scope is thoroughly considered in our initial estimate. Our comprehensive estimate ensures transparency and eliminates unexpected expenses once construction begins.

Construction Phase:

We will provide you with a Fixed-Price Construction Agreement for your remodel project. This agreement outlines every detail, giving you a clear understanding of the entire process so you can feel confident that your dream project is coming to life.


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