Adding a Second Story

The next chapter of your home’s life.

Call it a sequel. The grand finale to a promising start.

From craftsman bungalows to the standard brick ranch, there are many wonderful neighborhoods throughout Denver that have small, high-quality homes. Adding a second story addition is a smart way to not only double your space but also transform the exterior.

Popping the top on your home allows you to stay in the neighborhood you love in a completely reenvisioned space that you’ll love just as much. We’ve worked with many Denver and Boulder homeowners who are thrilled with the outcome—and just as pleased by the process. Check out some of our work here.

A Second Story Starts With a Strong Foundation.

In order to make a pop top look cohesive and natural, you need a talented design and architect team who can seamlessly merge style and function. That’s why we work closely with our clients to design a tailored space that uniquely fits their needs.

Our in-house team also includes licensed engineers who will inspect the walls and foundation of your home and determine whether any modifications are needed to ensure there is enough support for the second story. The dream house you envision will be built on a solid foundation that will last.

Just as important, there won’t be any financial surprises due to poor planning or a lack of communication between various contractors. Learn more about our fixed cost pricing.

Your Second Story: Get Started

There are many benefits to improving your Denver home with a second story addition, and no risk to calling us to learn more. Contact us today!

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