Boulder Mid Century Modern Kitchen Remodel
Boulder Kitchen Remodel Project
Kitchen Renovation in Boulder, CO
Boulder Sunroom Remodel

Boulder, CO

This Boulder Bungalow home remodel focussed on greater functionality and sense of openness across the kitchen, living room, and entire first floor layout, without sacrificing the Bungalow charm! In addition to this, we added a banquette in their sunroom for more functional eating space. We stuck with light and bright colors that would adapt really well to any fun colors added in with furniture, textiles, and accessories. This was crucial to the original goal of opening up the space and creating a welcoming layout that promotes hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere in the warm and inviting Boulder home. A standout feature of this project is the small dry bar / built-in cabinetry feature in the living room. This space was originally a small, not highly functional closet, with a staircase running in the bottom of it, making it a design challenge to make the area a more functional, focal point for the living room. This gave the space purpose and life, and provided the opportunity to give a more visual, built-in element to the main living area, that then continues into the kitchen, which provides a really cool way to move you through the home with a cohesive, integrated design.

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