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Home Renovation in Denver, Colorado

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Expert craftsmanship that takes your renovation project from concept to reality

Building your design with quality top of mind

The carpenters at Factor Design Build are responsible for the build and construction of your home remodel. Our team of carpenters are responsible for framing walls, installing structural elements such as header beams that support your roof and open up interior space, cabinets, and trim or finish work that requires extra detail. If wood or metal is involved, our team of in-house carpenters can handle the job.

Our carpenters craft beauty in your home

Our carpenters get involved before construction begins after final plans have been drawn and approved. They work with the project manager to understand the scope of work to be completed and help plan the execution of tasks. You have someone you know and trust instead of a bunch of subcontractors that you don’t have any experience with.

You’ll see our carpenter’s on the job site during the whole process, they work tirelessly to assure you and your family have the best possible experience. Our carpenters execute all aspects of a job including framing, relocation of walls and structural elements to be put in place. Once drywall is up, you will see our carpenters again installing trim, cabinets, wainscoting or other custom design finishes that require skilled work.

Efficient, Skilled and Persistent: You’ll love the work our carpenters do.

Having this level of experience in house at Factor Design Build brings you peace of mind knowing the work will be done right.

With a complete in house design and build team, we are able to eliminate common communication barriers between carpenters and designers and keep the project moving within the initial plan. We are proud to have these skilled carpenters on our team and know you will be pleased with their work.

Curious to learn more about our complete design build process?