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Are you ready to remodel your kitchen to provide more function or an overall more modern kitchen design to your home? A kitchen remodel can completely change the way your entire home looks, feels and operates. Not to mention, there are so many options for personalization to get the kitchen of you’ve always longed for.

Complete Kitchen Renovations

We’ll help you choose the perfect kitchen cabinets and with complete kitchen renovations because we know choosing between all the design possibilities is a huge feat! At Factor Design Build, we are here to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Architectural Design Consulting – Colorado Kitchen Designers

Factor provides residential architectural design consulting for kitchen remodels, kitchen cabinetry, and for complete Colorado home renovations and remodeling and we have on-staff Colorado kitchen designers.

Kitchen Design Architect: Designing the Entire Kitchen- Kitchen Design Decor

Aside from lack of storage in your current kitchen design layout, possibly one of the most common reasons homeowners want to refresh their kitchens is that they feel their wooden cabinets look old and outdated and they’re out of kitchen design ideas. It’s also common that other updates have been made (like adding new, sleeker appliances) and the whole design just hasn’t kept up.

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, we can offer modern kitchen cabinet designs, or something more traditional. There is no end to what we can design for kitchen design decor or kitchen layout designs for creating a personalized kitchen that serves all your needs.

When designing your kitchen, or kitchen design cabinetry we consider the look of the cabinets along these other design features:

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Kitchen Counter Backsplashes
  • Kitchen Lighting &Light Fixtures
  • Kitchen Hardware & Fixtures
  • Kitchen Textiles & Window Treatments and Floor
  • Kitchen Appliance Renewal and Replacements
  • Smart Home Additions and Smart Home Technology

Endless Kitchen Design Opportunities For Specialization and For Kitchen Cabinetry

When it comes to designing your kitchen, or choosing kitchen cabinetry there are endless opportunities for personalization and customization.  Here are some of the cabinet features that the team at Factor will design a kitchen just for you.

Organization Of Your Kitchen Cabinets and Cabinetry

First and foremost, we design cabinets for what’s behind the doors. When we redesign your kitchen, we create a space for every appliance, dish and spice bottle. We ask our clients all of the questions that make sure all of their needs are met with their remodel.

For example, if you entertain often, we can create open shelving to keep your serving dishes and other party supplies at the ready. We can design a wet bar or extra wine fridge so you’re always ready to serve your guests.

Luxury Interior Designer For Kitchens and For Home Remodels

If you’re an avid cook or always on the run, we’ll customize your pantry to keep everything organized and in-view. We use our in-house luxury interior designer team to create the perfect kitchen for you, your family and your lifestyle.


Wood Cabinets for Kitchen Design Cabinetry

The first option when it comes to cabinets is natural wood. If you already have wood cabinets that you like, they can be refinished with natural or colored stains to get an entirely new look that you’ll love. The hardware and door style can be updated to modernize the design as well.  

Wood cabinets are also a great option for a mid-century modern look and work well when paired with other natural materials.


Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Cabinetry

Another design option painted cabinets. Matte and milk paints are very popular for kitchen cabinets right now, especially in greys and other neutrals. Painted cabinets offer a unique look and can really stand out with the help of handles, drawer pulls or other fixtures or a patterned tile backsplash.

Colored cabinets are another option for clients who love a bold design. The sky is the limit when it comes to color and coordinating the color with other design features is a fun and enjoyable project for our designers!

Modern Farmhouse Style. Painted cabinets are also an excellent way to help your home achieve a cohesive modern farmhouse style!


Glass Doors In Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Glass Doors in Kitchen Cabinetry. If you are looking to add a lighter, more open look to your kitchen cabinets with glass doors are a lovely option. It’s a way to show your pieces you are proud of without them being on full display. Glass door cabinets are an excellent choice for displaying collectible plates and glassware while still keeping them protected behind doors. They can also be backlit to create an extra layer of ambient lighting.


Open Shelving Kitchen Design Options

The most modern option for storage is open shelving. This isn’t always the best option for families with a lot of items that don’t need to be displayed (think sippy cups and neon plastic plates). But if you have aesthetically pleasing serveware or cookware, open shelving is a wonderful choice for those with minimalist tastes.


Coordinating Uppers & Lowers Kitchen Cabinetry

If you love the look of open shelving kitchen cabinetry but still need a place to hide life’s less aesthetic pieces, having different upper and lowers cabinets could be the perfect solution.  This allows you to indulge your interest in design without committing to a trend and regretting it later. Even colored upper cabinets work well with traditional lower cabinets for a pop of bright while keeping the kitchen grounded.


Flat Panel Doors For Your Kitchen Design and Kitchen Decor Layout

The last option for kitchen cabinets or for your kitchen decor layout is modern, flat doors without panels. They provide a sleek design and are usually come in a high-gloss or textured panel. For an adventurous or modern home, this can be a perfect choice. Choosing the right coordinating fixtures and features can ensure an industrial look, without looking too cold or commercial.

Start dreaming about your perfect kitchen because the possibilities are endless.

Design Build Denver Team Of Architectural Designers and Kitchen Designers

At Factor Design build our design-build Denver team and architectural designers and builders want to create a cohesive design that is unique, functional, and beautiful just for you!

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