Colorado Home Interior Design Ideas for Home Decor

As we continue to navigate sheltering in place and social distancing, you may be starting to realize that there are some areas in your home that could use some attention.

Kids Playroom Ideas and Organization Ideas – Home Decorating Ideas

Maybe you’re dreaming or considering kids playroom and organization ideas for a new playroom for the kids, a master suite for you, a quiet home office, or a kitchen remodel for family dinners. Whatever area you’re dreaming about for your home interior design ideas, the next step is to start collecting usable facts and interior design ideas and interior design inspiration for your home decorating ideas.

This may seem easy at first, but when you sit down to start really narrowing down your vision, you may find yourself asking “Where do I start?”

Luxury Interior Design Ideas and Inspiration

Our luxury interior design ideas design team is no stranger to this problem. Fortunately, they are experts at extracting and learning your style. Then they are able to bring your vision to life. So, we asked them to share some tips to help you collect design inspiration from the comfort of your home.

Collecting Ideas on Pinterest

The first step is to just start learning what your style is. Our designers recommend starting with Pinterest. Start with generic searches for the room you are focusing on. For example, simply typing “kitchen remodel” or “master suite” will give you a great starting point.

Colorado Home Decor Ideas on Pinterest

From there, just start saving pictures you like on your board. If you need help creating boards or board sections, Pinterest has some great information for home decor ideas. It also will help down the road if you separate your boards by room or by item – such as light fixtures, cabinets, and so on.

Colorado Home Styling Ideas Such As Modern Farmhouse Design

Once you have some pictures saved for Colorado home styling ideas, you can start to narrow down your style even further by looking at the descriptions on the website that shared the picture. Generally, there will be a style associated with the picture like “Modern Farmhouse” or modern farmhouse design or more!

Colorado Renovation Contractors

You also can see more pictures similar to the picture you liked on Pinterest by clicking on the picture and scrolling down. The style options are endless and this will give you more terms to start searching for renovation contractors in Colorado.

Colorado Design-Build Contractors

Another thing you’ll find helpful is to make notes reminding you what you liked about the picture. Once you’ve got several boards of pictures going, you may need a reminder that it was the light fixture in this picture you liked, but not the cabinets.

This is where Colorado design-build contractors like Factor can help your interior designers or interior decor team get a better understanding of your style when you share your Pinterest boards with them.

Collecting Ideas on Instagram For Factor Design Build Work

Our design team also suggested checking out Factor Design Build Instagram for more inspiration.

You can also save ideas and make collections on Instagram. Instagram has helpful tips on how to get started. Learning how to search hashtags will make your search infinitely easier. Similar to Pinterest, start with more generic hashtags and narrow in your search based on following hashtags on pictures you like.

For example, if a picture you like is labeled #scandinavianhome, start using that in your searches. Collecting ideas for your dream home is a fun process. But it’s even more fun to see your visions become a reality.