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Whole House Remodeling Architects – Architectural Consulting

At Factor Design Build, it’s our job to transform your daydreams into reality through skilled Colorado architectural consulting with credentialed architects.

In order to do that home remodel architect job properly, our team has to get to know you, understand your unique preferences, and discover your lifestyle goals to deliver a fantastic project tailored to your exact wants and needs – all within your desired investment amount. A whole home remodel is a huge project. We realize you need to keep the cost to completely renovate a house within your budget.

Collaborative Residential Architect. This collaborative spirit for complete home remodeling using a residential architect is one of the key elements that separates us from other entities in the remodeling space. Once we understand your long term goals for your living environment and residential architect needs for your whole home renovation project, and exactly how you plan to use your new living space, both now and in the future, we can get to work on a project scope that represents your wishes.

Then, all we have to do is make your whole home remodeling project a reality. Our Boulder, Colorado and Denver remodel architects have many years of successful Colorado home remodeling projects success.

Architecture as Part of a Greater Whole

General Contractor Architect

At Factor Design Build, we view architecture and design as part of a greater whole using complete home renovation contractors expertise with our general contractor architect expertise.

That’s why the design-build approach to project delivery has become the de facto standard in North American construction projects for whole home remodeling, and indeed for complete home remodeling excellence here in Denver, CO and the Boulder, Colorado areas.

The traditional project delivery model involves you, the homeowner, dealing with and managing two separate entities: the designers and the construction contractors along with all the home remodel and renovation details and choices to be made. This is a process fraught with difficulty, stress, and expense—it’s almost as if the two entities are working against each other, and thus against you. Blame-shifting, cost-overruns, and even litigation are not uncommon. Just ask anyone who has done it “the old way.”

The new way, the design-build way, our exclusive design and build contractors way eliminates these problems entirely by keeping designers and contractors under the same roof. All talent is kept in-house, which means that your architect and your construction team will be working hand-in-hand from the start of the project to the end of it. This holistic approach to project delivery not only eliminates bottlenecks, it helps to ensure that your finished project is exactly what you wanted.

Tremendous Cost Savings: Collaborative Architecture, Design, & Construction

In the design-build method, architects and construction contractors work together. This streamlined workflow results in less stress and hands-on involvement on part of the homeowner. Perhaps more importantly, it presents the opportunity for not-insignificant cost savings, which is why Factor Design Build is so often capable of being on time and under budget. We’ll share with you some whole house remodel before and after project photos or photos of custom home additions completed to highlight our Colorado experience in luxury home building, renovation, and architectural design and consulting.

Using the traditional method of project delivery, the homeowner has to “juggle” the design and the construction entities, and often ends up becoming something of a middle-man… and paying for the privilege! If you don’t fancy yourself acting as a go-between from an architect to a construction contractor, or acting as mediator for all inevitable problems that arise from this by-default non-collaborative endeavor, then we implore you to make the smart choice and choose a design-build firm like Factor.

For complete home remodeling this is the kind of peace of mind only possible with the design-build methodology. As a single source of responsibility and accountability, Factor Design Build handles all permitting, licensing, insurance, and overall project management on your behalf. You have control over when you participate in the process and when you don’t. We are here to serve you, never the other way around—as it should be!

Diligent Communication & Transparency – You’re in Control From Start to Finish

Our approach to the design-build methodology involves a four-phase process, with each step designed to keep you in total control.

At Factor Design Build, two of the key steps in our workflow are communication and transparency. We want to establish and maintain a line of communication with you and keep you well informed as to what we’re doing throughout the entire process, from architectural design to pounding the last nail and beyond.

That’s why phase one of our process involves meeting with you, walking through the spaces you want to renovate, and getting a solid understanding of your specific desires, design tastes, and lifestyle. Our team is genuinely interested in grasping your vision so that we can make your imagination a reality. With Factor Design Build, it’s never about what we think you want. It’s about what you actually want.

During the next phases, project design and the construction itself, we keep that line of communication alive and well by inviting you to our office for an initial design presentation, where you’ll have the opportunity to comment, suggest, and revise what we’ve come up with. This remains true during the construction phase, where we always have weekly on-site meetings where your input is always valid, heard, respected, and put into action.

From Daydream to Done: Welcome Home

Even after our job is complete, we’re still here for you: all of our projects come with a two-year warranty and post-work inspections. At the 30 day, 90 day, and one year marks, we’ll perform an inspection to make sure that you’re still absolutely satisfied with the work we’ve provided you with.

We’re able to do this only because we’re so confident in the extremely high standards of our architecture and craftsmanship. In the rare event that you have a warranty concern at any time during the two year period, we respond with urgency and respect.

Nothing pleases us more than hearing from past clients about how much a remodeling job has improved their lifestyle. When someone says to us, “I finally feel proud of my home,” we know that we’ve successfully answered our calling in life.

Architecture and design, construction, project management, and post-work inspections are really all just means to a greater end: we want to welcome you home—to your home, just the way you want it.


Ready to invest in your home and yourself? Let’s discuss your next luxury design-build project.



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