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Factor Design Build specializes in residential architecture services for luxury home renovation projects throughout Colorado’s front range. Our design team is comprised of a talented group of architects that have over 30 years of experience with high-end home projects in Denver and Boulder, CO. Our full-service design-build method allows our architects to collaborate directly with project managers to ensure your home remodel vision is brought to life.

Living in a custom-built home can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of a lifetime. Same with working with a design-build architect that knows and understands your Colorado home remodeling priorities.

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Factor Design Build merges design and construction teams to deliver homeowners a seamless renovation project experience. Uniting skilled residential architects and contractors under one roof allows for one team to efficiently execute your vision from planning to completion. Our design-build team has overseen a wide variety of home additions, remodels, and whole home renovation projects in the Denver Metro Area.

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Colorado Home Renovation Architects

Our firm is a group of architects, interior designers, project managers, and builders who collaborate to help our clients bring their home renovation dreams to reality. We help our clients through every phase of the development process, from architectural planning to complete construction services.

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Residential Architecture FAQs

Common questions about design build architecture

  • What is design-build residential architecture?

    Design-build residential architecture is a method of home design and construction that employs both the design and construction teams in one organization. The construction process is generally more efficient and accurate due to the cohesive nature of a design-build team. Residential architects on a design-build team have a familiar working relationship with project managers. This creates a more communicative workflow and almost always a finished project that meets the client’s requests.

  • What is the difference between a designer, contractor, and architects?

    An architect is a highly educated and trained professional in the field of design. They have undergone years of apprenticeship and have successfully passed a strict registration exam. They are the only ones who can legally be called architects as they hold a state license. It is crucial to inquire whether your builder has an architect on their team. On the other hand, a designer may have a two-year certificate, a B.A., or other design-related education. While they may have a passion for homes or space, they do not have the same level of education, registration, and licensing as architects. In essence, anyone can call themselves a designer. A contractor specializes in making structural or aesthetic changes. They typically have a state license to construct homes or other structures, but they are not architects and do not have the same level of design education.

  • Why do I need an architect for my home renovation project?

    Utilizing an experienced architect to develop precise plans will play a big part in your satisfaction with the final product. A residential architect will help express your interests and project vision through the build by guiding you through what can be a complicated process. Our architects have the expertise to understand all phases of the project and will collaborate directly with the build team to ensure the project is built to your specifications.

  • What can I expect at the initial meeting with my architect?

    The purpose of the initial meeting is to go over your project’s objectives in detail and advise you on the preliminary design choices that must be made. We will also discuss our preliminary findings on the site and any hurdles that may prevent you from constructing what you want.

  • What is an architectural rendering?

    Architectural rendering refers to the process of creating realistic visual representations or illustrations of architectural designs before they are constructed. It is a crucial tool used by architects, designers, and real estate developers to communicate and visualize their concepts to clients, investors, or the general public.

    Architectural renderings can take various forms, including hand-drawn sketches, computer-generated images (CGI), or photorealistic 3D renderings. They depict the proposed building or space, showcasing its exterior and interior design elements, materials, lighting, textures, landscaping, and other relevant details.

    These renderings provide a comprehensive visualization of the architectural project, allowing stakeholders to understand and evaluate the design’s aesthetics, spatial arrangement, and overall impact. They can convey the atmosphere, scale, and functionality of the proposed structure, helping clients make informed decisions and assisting architects in refining their designs.

    With advancements in computer graphics technology, architectural renderings have become increasingly realistic and immersive. They can simulate different lighting conditions, perspectives, and even animate the virtual environment to provide a more interactive and engaging experience for viewers.

    Overall, architectural renderings serve as powerful tools for conveying the vision and design intent of architectural projects, facilitating effective communication and decision-making throughout the design and construction process.

  • What is the difference between interior design and architecture?

    Interior design focuses on coordinating elements within the completed structure, like furniture, wall colors, and accessories, to enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of the space. Architecture involves the planning and design of a building, considering its overall look and feel and imagining how it will come to life.

Residential Architecture Testimonials

From the first design meeting with Jenny to the completion of my project they have provided exceptional customer service while getting the project done on schedule. Travis Orme is a skilled and passionate project manager who was with me every step of the way. Lam La keeps the project moving smoothly and has excellent attention to detail. Richard Begando did a great job working on my bathroom from start to finish.

- Lauren O.

Factor Design Build took all the stress and pressure out of remodeling our home. From managing high end professionals to assisting with selecting the finishes, they handled it all. Countless surprises have been encountered while remodeling our 105 year old home and Factor has handled each one with professionalism and expertise, all the while keeping our budget in mind.

- Anonymous

We wanted someone who could help us enhance our vision for our home and was competent enough to actually accomplish the design. We could not be more satisfied. From interior design to solid construction to seamlessly meshing the new build with the existing structure, Factor continually exceeded our expectations. I should say that our home is the home I grew up in, so it was also paramount to maintain the “good bones” and homey vibe that had existed here for 50 years. No problem there. From the outside, you would never know an addition had been attached.

- Travis C

Meet your architect

Every member of our Design Build Team shares our passion: creating inspired spaces that improve people’s lives.

Dain Carlson is an Architect at Factor Design Build in Denver, CO

Dain Carlson

Dain Carlson is a Factor Design Build Architect with a passion for Sustainable Design, and the start-to-finish process of creating personalized home renovations. Dain’s favorite part of working as an architect with Factor Design Build is the variety of projects he gets to work on and how each starts out as something entirely different than the finished product.

Meet the team
Chris Doherty is an architect at Factor Design Build in Denver, CO

Chris Doherty

Chris is an architect with Factor Design Build. He is a specialist when it comes to interpreting a client's needs into a holistic, human-centered design that meets and hopefully exceeds their expectations. Inspired by the beauty and functionality of the architecture he observed in his travels around Europe, Chris developed a well-rounded sense of architecture and its ability to not only satisfy a customer but progress society as a whole.

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Colorado Home Remodel Architects

Factor Design Build specializes in residential architect services for luxury home renovation projects throughout Colorado’s front range.

Living in a custom-built home can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of a lifetime. Same with working with a design-build architect that knows and understands your Colorado home remodeling priorities.

Residential Architect Services – Custom Home Architects Denver & Boulder, CO Region

If, like most folks, you’ve lived in apartments, condominiums, or houses designed and built by other people – people you’ve likely never even met – you probably feel as though you’ve never lived in a space that was truly yours and that’s where a residential architect can best work with you to design new homes or design-in your architectural design preferences into your new home or home remodel, or home addition. Have you ever worked with a residential architect to design new homes, worked with custom home architects, or worked with a Denver pop-top architect?

Residential Architect Firm – Boulder, CO and Denver Region for Architectural Consulting

Sure, you might have repainted the walls or even sprung for a kitchen or bathroom upgrade, but unless you’re one of the lucky few who just so happened to find their dream home and have worked with residential architect firms locally that had everything just as you envisioned it, down to the very last floorboard for architectural consulting, odds are the places you’ve lived in didn’t exactly fit you like a glove.

Colorado Residential Architects. If you’re looking for one of the top Colorado residential architects firms, call Factor for home addition architects or for architects for new home construction or luxury home remodeling architecture needs.

The Design-Build Process - Residential Architecture Firms

Enjoying a space from building designers with home design software that’s targeted to your home remodeling needs helps personalize the design-build process of your home—and that’s what a residential architect can help you do.

In this Factor Design Build resource, you’re going to learn:

  • What a residential architect really is and what they can do for you
  • How the residential architecture workflow works and what to expect during the process
  • How custom home designers use 3D design software to create, modify, and perfect your house architecture plans
  • Understanding the different kinds of house architecture styles and what that means for you
  • Why the Design-Build methodology is the best way to get exactly what you want (and often more affordable than the traditional building methodology)

What Exactly is Residential Architecture?

➢ What is residential architecture? A residential architect is a home designer.

These home designer architects specialize in conceptualizing ideas for houses in which people can live—homes. Rather than the focus of a commercial architect, whose job it is to design buildings with a business focus (like a retail store), residential architects are experts in creating comfortable, beautiful, personalized living spaces using home designer experts.

House Architectural Plans & House Architectural Styles

Most residential architects would likely agree that this is an exciting use of their skills to create amazing house architectural plans for homeowners. Designing homes allows them to really put their house architectural styles knowledge and ability to work in a special way: the home they design might remain in the recipient’s family for generations. Not only that, but a residential architect gets to help someone realize their dreams for a truly perfect home, molded (literally and figuratively!) to their very own, unique desires.

Residential architects are an invaluable resource for any serious home building project. Imagine, for example, that you know very little about home design—you may have some vague ideas about what you want, but you couldn’t design it for yourself, or even if you could, you may not be entirely happy with the results

This is where a residential architect comes in: their job is just as much to design your vision as it is to help you discover exactly what that vision is in the first place. Residential architects can provide you with helpful ideas, suggest ways to improve on your desires, and let you know about the best ways to lay out your home. This is a true skill that only comes with years of experience and having built real homes many times before—these are the kind of residential architects here at Factor Design Build.

If you’re interested in working with a residential architect, you’ll want to know a bit more about the actual process and how it works. 

Residential Architecture Workflow: What to Expect When Working With a Home Designer

When you decide to work with a home designer for your house architecture plans, the key thing to remember is that you’re in control—this is about designing a home for you. Having said that, a residential architect is an expert in home design, and taking their suggestions seriously can result in a truly wonderful home to live in.

That’s why it’s important that you find a home designer that you can connect with—which is exactly what you’ll discover in the first phase of the design process, often called the “pre-design” phase. This is the time that you get to meet with your house designer, get to know each other, and discuss the kind of home you’d like to live in.

Other details that will be discussed during the pre-design phase are things like the plot of land that the home will be built on—where it is, its characteristics, and so on. The architect will need to know all of this information so that they can properly research any local zoning requirements or land-use restrictions.

Residential Architecture Pre-Design Phase

During the pre-design phase, you’ll be able to discuss your budget as well, so that your home designer can make sure that you’re within an acceptable investment range.

The pre-design phase may consist of more than a single meeting, since as you can see, there’s a lot to discuss. However, once the plan for your new home becomes more solidified, your home designer will move on to the next step: actually designing schematics.

House Architectural Drawing & House Architectural Plans

This process will involve the house architectural drawing and all the preliminary design work, and is often the most exciting. You’ll meet with your designer to discuss the sketches, 3D design renders, floor plans, and so on—this is the opportunity wherein you can make sure that everything is just as you envision it. Multiple revisions may be required until you can find the design that matches your dream perfectly, but after a few iterations you’ll be able to hold in your hands the plan for the perfect home, customized to your exact desires.

At this point, most people would take the designs created by their residential architect to a construction contracting company—however, as we’ll discuss in just a little bit, that’s the old way of doing things. The design-build methodology is the more modern way of getting a home built.

House Architecture Drawing Plans and 3-D Home Architect Drawings Vendor

CAD software for home design has become incredibly advanced, and the vast majority of modern custom home designers will work with software of this type. While the exact software used may vary from one designer to another, most will offer the ability to visualize your home plans in such a way that you might feel like you’re taking a “virtual tour” of the home.

3D home architect work involves creating your home schematics in a computer program that allows for precise detail in visualizing and planning the home. This is a wonderfully advanced way of getting a good idea of what your house will actually look like once it’s built in real life—and it’s a far cry from the complicated hand-drawn schematics of the past.

In many cases, being able to see the home design in 3D design software during the aforementioned pre-design phase will give you the chance to spot details that may have otherwise been missed. This can help in making sure that you really are getting exactly what you want, down to the smallest detail.

Using CAD software by the best residential architects or home design architects can be very helpful to the architect too, since they’ll be able to more precisely show you their ideas and how things will come together during the actual construction. Swapping different home components in and out of the software is a relatively quick process using modern software, so they can help show you alternative design ideas that you may like more, or will better match your budget.

Understanding House Architecture Styles & What Can Be Done

Your residential architect will help you get a solid understanding of house architecture plans and what can and cannot be done. The good news is that most things can indeed be done—depending on your budget, the sky is the limit.

This is why it’s so important to work with a creative home designer who can fully appreciate your vision. That’s the whole point of having a custom home designed: you’re the one in control of what the final product looks like, how it feels to live in the home, and the way everything is laid out.

When your residential architect shows you the final house architecture drawing, you’ll be able to envision exactly what the home will look like once it’s actually built on your plot. There are many different kinds of house architecture styles, and your residential architect can help you examine currently existing styles; everything ranging from fancy to functional. Ultimately, you’ll be able to pick and choose among styles, perhaps melding several different styles into something that’s entirely unique to you.

The Benefits of the Design-Build Methodology For Custom Home Design

Did you know that the design-build process is—by a significant margin—the fastest growing method to deliver construction projects like custom home designs in the United States?

Rather than hiring a residential architect and a construction contractor separately, you can now opt to hire a design-build team like Fact Design Build which includes both under the same roof. This can significantly cut costs, reduce the amount of time it takes from the pre-design phase to setting foot into your new home, and make the overall process far, far easier and less stressful.

This is because when your residential architect and contractors are all working under the same roof, conflicts are completely mitigated. When working with separate entities for design and build, customers often find that one entity will blame the other for problems that happen, such as schedule changes or delays and budget overruns.

Working with separate entities can actually put the homeowner at significant risk of rising costs and other problems—this, as you may already know if you’ve ever talked to someone who had a custom home built, is unfortunately not all too uncommon.

These problems and more are completely removed using the design-build methodology. In addition to the elimination of blame-shifting, homeowners will find that single-source design and contracting have a unifying effect; that is to say, both sides of the project can work together in harmony. Since the architect can communicate directly with the contractors, the entire process isn’t just simplified: it’s sped up substantially.

Want to Work With The Best Residential Architects in Boulder and the Denver, CO Region? Meet Our Boulder Residential Architect Team

If you’re interested in working with Factor Design Build, we invite you to meet our Boulder design-build architects team of experts. Our architectural designers and contractors are passionate about helping you realize your dreams and building the home you deserve. With over 30 years of experience, we’re proud to create spaces that improve lives. To learn more, please feel free to contact us at (303) 872-3482.


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