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Our highly skilled team of Denver-based interior designers are passionate about creating compelling interiors that are both aesthetically engaging and meticulously functional. Specializing in interior design for luxury home remodel, kitchen & bathroom renovations, and home additions.

Factor Design Build’s innovative interior design team collaborates directly with architects and project managers to ensure your home renovation vision is brought to life. We are committed to transforming your family’s home into an environment you will cherish for years to come.

We can’t wait to create help you create a space that embodies your unique style. Contact us today to get the process started.


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Denver Interior Design Firm

Interior design preferences are personal, as they should be. Factor meticulously works with you to create a space to your desired specifications. After all, it’s your living space we’re talking about here, right? But finding an interior designer and top-notch interior design company capable of not only understanding but addressing and responding to your unique desires is difficult. You’ve discovered in Factor the luxury interior design company that you’ll want to keep doing business with!

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Home Renovation Interior Design

Interior design is the process that makes a house a home; it’s what makes you feel like a space is truly yours, not just a cookie-cutter, “one-size-fits-all” replica of what someone else thought you should want. It is the means by which you can feel completely at ease, in your element, and proud of your living spaces. The way we achieve this goal is with clear communication and transparency from our top interior designers whether it’s kitchen interior design, home office design, or any other home designing area.

Interior Design Insights & Articles

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Home Remodel Interior Designers

The process of interior design is about so much more than skilled architecture and construction. It’s about communication, genuine understanding, and a dedication to the merging of art and science. It’s about bringing imagination into reality.

Our Denver interior designers and Colorado interior designers are experts in all types of interior design styles if you’re seeking a contractor for interior design services.

Denver Area & Boulder, CO Exclusive Luxury Interior Design

If you’ve ever felt that you’re not quite “at home”, even when you’re physically present in your house, you may want to very seriously consider working together with Factor Design Build for your home interior design.

Boulder, CO and Denver Home Interior Design Company

At Factor Design Build, you’ll have the pleasure of working with a team of interior design ideas experts at one of the best interior design company vendors in the Denver, CO and Boulder, CO areas who all take great pride in designing and constructing the living space you’ve always wanted. During your house interior design project, you’ll have complete control every step of the way. You’ll also be kept well informed about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and when with your whole home remodel and architecture project.

When a project is conducted in this way, i.e., with collaboration at its forefront with sophisticated interior design software, you’ll have a voice the entire time, from concept to construction. In just a moment, we’ll discuss our four-phase interior design system with our best interior design company, but for now, let’s examine why the design-build methodology is the superior means of project delivery.

How the Design-Build Process Enhances Interior Design Projects

The design-build process differs from the old way design and construction projects used to be managed. While some of the best interior design companies in Denver and the Boulder, CO area still cling to the past, homeowners, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies have all made the shift to design-build over the past decade because this methodology consolidates, streamlines, and reduces the cost of home or office renovation projects.

As a homeowner, the old way of doing interior design would require you to work with two separate entities (at least): the designer and the construction contractor. Our Denver remodeling contractors process offers a better way.

This, by definition, means that collaboration is nonexistent from the beginning. Delays, blame-shifting, and cost-overruns are more than just a possibility; depending on the complexity of the project, these kinds of issues are practically guaranteed.

The design-build approach to interior design is different. It is collaborative and streamlined by design. Rather than working with multiple entities to realize your vision, you have a single point of contact—that’s us—who upholds a single point of responsibility. Our interior designers, architects, and construction contractors all work together under the same roof, which means that you’ll never have to play middle-man or mediator.

What it’s Like to Work With Factor Design Build on Your Interior Design

At Factor Design Build, we firmly believe that we’ve perfected the workflow of the design-build process and bringing interior design into reality. We utilize a simple-yet-effective four-phase process as one of the top interior design companies in the Denver and Boulder, CO area and invite you to learn more about on our page about the design build process.

As we’ve established, communication and transparency are key, so that’s exactly where we start. In the first phase of the process, we’ll meet with you in your home. This is so that we can see exactly what you’re seeing—we’ll walk through the spaces you want to remodel, ask questions, and take notes.

During this “design download” phase, we’ll ask you questions about your current constraints with the space, your unique desires and ideas for how to improve it, and your long term goals for the space and how you plan to enjoy it. We’ll also discuss how much you wish to invest into the space so that we can stay on-task and on-budget should you choose to proceed with the project.

How to Get More Information to Start Living in the Space You Deserve

After meeting, we’ll present you with a project scope, cost projection, and a design agreement. Only after you’re completely satisfied and all of your questions have been favorably answered will we sign the agreement together.

That’s when we work on the interior design phase of the process. We’ll again give you a presentation showcasing our crystal-clear design concepts, plans and sketches we’ve prepared for you, and how everything will fit into your investment budget. We’ll even work together with you on the detail work, like flooring, trim, paint, tiles, fixtures, and more.

Only at that point will the construction begin—and even then, thanks to our weekly status update meetings, you’ll still have a voice and total control over how your unique living space is coming together in real time.


Ready to invest in your home and yourself? Let’s discuss your next luxury design-build project.



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