Pop-Top Home Addition Building and Design

If you’ve been considering having home renovations, remodels, home addition building and design projects, or an addition built, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term pop top by now.

Home Addition Contractors for Pop-Tops in Denver

But what exactly is a pop top addition and where do you find the best Denver or Boulder, CO home addition contractors? Is a pop-top home addition right for you? What benefits does it yield, and are there any drawbacks? What does a pop top renovation before and after look like?

These questions and more will be answered in this comprehensive guide to pop-top additions in Denver, as delivered by our design build team here at Factor Design Build.

Today, you’ll learn the following:

  • What a pop top remodel or poptop addition is and how it works
  • An overview of the benefits of a pop top remodel and why you may want to consider living in a pop top house rather than moving
  • Pop top additions for historical homes
  • How homeowners are expanding their living and working areas with pop top garage additions
  • Why the design build construction style is a cost-effective and timely way to have your second floor pop up made
  • How to learn more about getting started with a pop top addition from the leading design build firm in Denver

Let’s begin by defining the basics of what a pop top house addition actually is, and what this style of renovation can and cannot do:

What is a Pop Top Addition?

A pop top addition is any home renovation which “pops the top” of a home or building or for the purpose of adding a second story to a home.

Pop tops have quickly become popular home additions because of their many benefits, not the least of which is the comparatively affordable cost. When you want to expand your home but can’t or don’t want to expand the first story outwards, building up is a great choice.

There Are Many Different Types of Additions

Many homeowners have a house on a smaller lot—building an addition laterally just wouldn’t be possible, or if it would, it would effectively eliminate the outdoor spaces such as the back or front yard.

➢ Thus the solution is to build upward by adding a second story or addition. This is possible if the home is structurally capable.

Pop-Top Ranch Houses – Pop-Top Garages – Pop-top Historical Homes Structural Requirements

Pop top ranch houses, pop top garages, and historical home pop tops are all common and well within the realm of possibility assuming the structure meets a few requirements. First, the foundation of the home must be solid and strong. The “bones” of the house must also be in good condition. The reason for these two requirements is that, of course, the foundation and the lower section of the house will need to be structurally sound enough to support a second story.

But how do you find out if your home is viable for a pop top addition project? Consult With Architects

The easiest way is to consult with experts or architects with this experience. If you’re interested in this kind of home renovation, we invite you to contact us and start a conversation about what you’d like to accomplish—our team of experts will be able to determine whether or not your home is suitable for this kind of addition. In all likelihood, it will be.

Interestingly, sometimes it’s not possible to build outwards or laterally due to structural limitations, but it is possible to build upward. Homes, particularly older ones, were built using different techniques than newer homes today.

There are so many different styles of home design and construction that it’s almost impossible to give a definitive answer as to whether a home can be outwardly or upwardly expanded; again, the best option a homeowner has to find out about their options and whether or not a pop top remodel is right for them is by scheduling a consultation with our expert team.

Boulder Design Build Architects

Now that you know what a pop top is and what the prerequisites for this style of home renovation are, let’s move on and find out more about why you’d want a pop top addition in the first place and consider consulting with a Boulder Design Build Architects team! You may be surprised to learn about some of the many surprising benefits of this style of addition:

A Brief Overview of the Many Benefits of a Pop Top House Remodel

Pop-Top House Remodel Boulder, CO or Denver, CO

Pop-Top House Remodel

➢ Perhaps the greatest benefit of a pop top house remodel is the fact that it doesn’t require you to move while the pop-top addition is being built.

Many of the homeowners we’ve worked with on pop top remodels found themselves in a position where they needed extra living space in their home, but they didn’t want to move—so often, a house becomes a home and a real part of our lives, and the idea of leaving is just not an option. However, the need for more space can arise—perhaps an aging parent will be moving in, or a new baby is on the way. A pop top remodel is a wonderful way to build up to make room for these new additions.

The other common reason homeowners choose a pop top remodel is because they love the neighborhood they live in. Historical home pop top remodels are certainly possible for those who live in generational homes and couldn’t imagine leaving the neighborhood they grew up in (and perhaps in which their parents grew up in as well). We’ll discuss historical home pop top additions more in the following section, but the bottom line is that yes, they are possible.

Pop top additions are also excellent choices for homeowners who want a better view of the city or mountains—Colorado is a beautiful place and should be enjoyed to its fullest extent, and looking out over it from your second story bedroom is a wonderful way to do exactly that.

During the pop top addition process, you’ll have the option to move rooms around as you please, so since your bedroom is already on the bottom floor, you could move it upstairs. This is often a great way to expand the lower floor, making more room for a living space, kitchen, or the spacious bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Second Floor Addition Ideas for Pop-Top Home Design

There are an endless amount of second floor addition ideas for a pop top house remodel, and our design team would be more than happy to discuss them with you and give you inspiration based on our previous work on these kinds of projects. What we can tell you now is that homeowners and families absolutely love—and are often surprised by—the range of unique possibilities that a pop top addition offers.

Are Historical Home Pop Top Additions Possible?

As with any home, whether a historical house or generational, older home is viable for a pop top addition really depends on the structural integrity of the home. The foundation and “bones” of historical homes in the Denver or Boulder, CO area must certain strength and structural requirements.

As with even newer homes, it’s often possible to expand upward even if outward expansion isn’t possible, either due to structural or lot size restrictions. The best way to find out is by scheduling a consultation with our team of experts.

Pop Top Garages: a Cost-Efficient Way to Expand a Workspace or Converted Living Area

Pop top garages have become very popular in the Denver metro area in recent years, because this style of addition is an affordable way to add additional working spaces or even converted living spaces to your garage.

Many homeowners with single story garages often have to make a choice: will the garage be a workshop and we’ll park the cars outside, or will we park the cars inside and miss out on the chance for an open space for projects? These kinds of problems go away with a pop top garage, because you can have the best of both worlds: the cars parked downstairs, and a wonderful garage workspace upstairs.

Other homeowners have had pop top garages installed because they needed an extra bedroom, either as a spare for when friends and family come to visit, or because they have a new person moving into the home who would also like to retain a sense of privacy; garage bedroom remodels have always been popular, but with the pop top variety, the amount of room available without sacrificing the garage space is tremendous.

If you’re quite pleased with how your house is currently but need an extra bedroom or working area, a pop top garage is a great way to economically make those kinds of additions.

Now that you’ve seen all the great things you can do with a pop top addition, how it works, and why you might want this kind of home addition, let’s discuss the best way to actually have it done: the design build construction methodology.

Cost Reduction Strategies for Pop Top House Plans: Why the Design Build Methodology is the Best Way

If you’ve never heard of the design build construction project style, we’ll briefly explain it here and discuss why this methodology is almost certainly the best way for you to preserve your budget and ensure a timely delivery of your pop top addition project. Factor Design Build uses the design build methodology.

In traditional construction projects, a homeowner first finds an architectural design firm. This is a separate entity entirely than the construction contractors who will actually be building the home, performing the remodel job, or adding the pop top addition. Once the design team of architects finishes creating the pop top house plans, the project customer goes out and finds a construction company to actually bring those plans to fruition.

The Design Build Contractor Method

The design build method differs from the old way of doing things because the architectural design team and the construction team are all part of the same entity. This results in better communication between the two, a reduced likelihood of budget overruns, and a substantially better chance of finishing the project by the agreed upon date. It also makes the entire process much easier for the project customer, since they don’t have to go and collect bids from a variety of construction companies who have no ties whatsoever to the architectural firm who created the plans in the first place.

The reason this style of construction fulfillment is such a great way to reduce the cost to pop the top on a house is because the “old” method of construction is fraught with potential difficulties that result in budget overruns and scheduling delays.

Boulder, CO Home Designer

Since the two entities of designer and contractor are completely separate, they have no actionable need to truly work together on a project; when problems arise, such as materials cost or availability, they often blame each other and leave the homeowner “holding the bag” so to speak—we’ve heard plenty of horror stories about homeowners who have effectively had to play the middle man or mediator between a design firm and their chosen contractors.

Pop-Top Home Additions – Colorado

Pop-Top Additions – Colorado – Boulder and Denver, CO Region

These pop-top additions problems, of course, do not and cannot by design exist with the design build methodology. Since the architects and construction contractors are both part of the same entity, working under the same roof, they have a built-in interest to work together in harmony. Communication is also much easier and clearer, since construction managers can speak directly to the design team.

For the homeowner, this results in a much more seamless and less invasive pop top addition construction process. The design build methodology also tends to result in fewer or no scheduling delays compared to the traditional design bid build way of fulfilling a construction project—this is, again, thanks to the increased level of communication and interoperability between the construction team and the design team.

If you want to save money and time, the design build method of pop top construction is the way to go.

Your Denver Pop Top Contractors Using the Design Build Construction Delivery Method: Factor Design Build

If you’re interested in learning more about pop top additions or pop-top contractors in Colorado, or whether or not your home can support this excellent style of expansion, we invite you to contact us by calling (303) 872-3482. We look forward to learning more about your Colorado home addition or pop-top addition project!


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