Denver Pop Top Home Addition Contractors

Factor Design Build is Denver’s most experienced pop top home addition contractors. Our design build team has completed a variety of second story pop tops on historic homes in the Denver Metro Area. We are dedicated to delivering a final product that maximizes your home’s footprint and enhances overall aesthetic appeal.

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Denver Pop Top Home Addition Contractors

Pop Top General Contractors

Pop tops have quickly become common home additions in historic Denver neighborhoods because of their many benefits, not the least of which is the comparatively affordable cost. When you want to expand your home but can’t or don’t want to expand the first story outwards, building up is a great choice.

Second Story Pop Top Home Addition

Design Build Pop Top Method

The design build method differs from the old way of doing things because the architectural design team and the construction team are all part of the same entity. This results in better communication between the two, a reduced likelihood of budget overruns, and a substantially better chance of finishing the project by the agreed upon date.

Pop Top Home Addition

Historic Home Pop Top Addition

Adding a second story pop top addition has become one of the most popular home renovation methods in Denver and Boulder's historic neighborhoods. The foundation and “bones” of historical homes must have certain strength and structural requirements. The best way to find out if you home is suitable for a pop top is by scheduling a consultation with our team of experts.

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Pop Top Garages: A Cost-Efficient Way to Expand a Workspace or Converted Living Area

Pop top garages additions have become attractive in the Denver metro area in recent years, because this style of addition is an affordable way to add additional working spaces or even converted living spaces to your garage.

Many homeowners with single story garages often have to make a choice: will the garage be a workshop and we’ll park the cars outside, or will we park the cars inside and miss out on the chance for an open space for projects? These kinds of problems go away with a pop top garage, because you can have the best of both worlds: the cars parked downstairs, and a wonderful garage workspace upstairs.

Other homeowners have had pop top garages installed because they needed an extra bedroom, either as a spare for when friends and family come to visit, or because they have a new person moving into the home who would also like to retain a sense of privacy; garage bedroom remodels have always been popular, but with the pop top variety, the amount of room available without sacrificing the garage space is tremendous.

If you’re quite pleased with how your house is currently but need an extra bedroom or working area, a pop top garage is a great way to economically make those kinds of additions.

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