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Customer Reviews

We create inspired spaces that improve the quality of our clients’ lives. Our commitment to delivering second-to-none design build services can be shown in the various expressions of gratitude from our customers. Read a few of our renovation contractor reviews from our happy customers. And if you’re among them, feel free to stop over to our Houzz Reviews to tell us how we did.

How often do you end a major home renovation project appreciating both the design firm and your contractor? Our family is extremely happy with our decision to choose the team Factor, Design and Build. We have lived in Hilltop, in a 1940s smaller home, for over 20 years. My husband and I were tired both our cramped bathroom and our dark, cold and tiny bedroom. Factor designed a spacious and airy bedroom and beautiful bathroom that fits with the size of our 2000 sq foot house. The Factor Team is a great group of craftsmen to work with. Our contractor, Travis Orme, is a man who not only knows design but also understands the entire building process. If any new idea came up, or an issue, he would appraise the situation and come up with an efficient plan. He is a man of integrity who follows through with his ideas. His communication between his men and our family was direct and open; there were no hidden fees. He kept the chaos to a controlled level, as we continued to live inside our house. Patrick was the lead carpenter. I throughly enjoyed both his dry wit and his creativity in regards to his woodworking skills. Travis Cebula is another carpenter who was an actual Factor client himself and decided to join the team. He created so many details in our bedroom, but what i will remember the most is finding his 4 books of published poetry resting inside our magazine nook that he designed. We had discussed the fact that my father was a published poet as well. These craftsmen are thoughtful, hardworking guys whom I completely trusted inside our home. Several times this winter I would wake up to find our driveway already shoveled by a Factor employee. Factor did what they could to make our home feel secure and somewhat peaceful. Jose Luis, another one of Factor’s contractors who works for Quality Tile, beautifully installed our bathroom tile. Factor is a team full of artisans and craftsmen who are a group of trustworthy and hardworking men and women. Of course there were a few bumps along the way, but we would choose to work with them again at a moment’s notice.

Julie and Charlie Farwell

My wife and I are very pleased with Factor’s work. The job was handled very professionally from start to finish. The quality of the workmanship, attention to detail and customer service (hand holding) was all first rate. I would definitely recommend Factor to anyone considering a substantial remodel project.

Patten Pettway

Factor Design Build brightened up our kitchen and master bathroom and we are so happy with the updates. The entire Factor team is very skilled at their job and perform their work with great integrity. The Factor project managers are thorough and timely with updates and have wonderful communication skills and tools to keep the project on track. We were living in the home during the updates and everyone on the Factor team was very considerate of my family, dog and home! I would use Factor again and highly recommend this great team to others.

Melissa Farver

Client Review

Wonderful experience with Factor Design Build on the complete interior remodel of our home. The project included bathrooms, complete kitchen overhaul, flooring, refinishing walls and lofted ceilings, closet reconfiguration, electrical work and custom built-ins. Couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product and thoroughly enjoyed working with the Factor team. They were on top of it throughout the project and very communicative. Project was complete on the projected deadline. White glove service that was a great fit for our family.

Jana Ellis

Client Review

We used Factor Design Build for a renovation on a rental property we purchased in Boulder. They did an excellent job turning our 3 bedroom/2 bath house into a an updated beautiful 4 bedroom/3 bath house with an added lower level entrance. They were professional and friendly and brought together an excellent team to get our job done. We would happily work with them again.

Julia Buonanno

Client Review

Factor Design Build represents the best of design build industry. Josh and Kent are straightforward and completely trustworthy. I’ve worked with them on multiple projects and they are the best in the business. I can’t recommend them enough!

Jed MacArthur

Client Review

Factor Design Build is the type of reputable company that makes things happen. In the world of construction, there are always challenges and deadlines. This team of professionals has a great ability of pulling together their resources to take action quickly. They take problems and turn them into opportunities that work well for the construction team, design team and home owner. I will continue to work with this team as they create beautiful, thoughtful and creative design projects.

Studio 119

Client Review

Factor Design Build is an amazing company to work with. They take the time to ask questions and truly understand what you need and what is best for your family. From our first meeting we felt we were in good hands. During the design process we came across an opportunity to buy a new home. Kent, Josh and team were genuinely happy for us, and while we were excited to find our new home, we were sorry to not be able to continue the process with Factor. The culture at Factor makes you feel more like family than a customer. If you are looking for a design/build firm I would highly recommend Factor.

Jessica Franks

Client Review

Factor Design Build took all the stress and pressure out of remodeling our home. From managing high end professionals to assisting with selecting the finishes, they handled it all. Countless surprises have been encountered while remodeling our 105 year old home and Factor has handled each one with professionalism and expertise, all the while keeping our budget in mind. We are very confident in the job Factor is doing and we’re certain we’ll love our new home. If you’re interested in a remodel, but don’t have the time to manage it, Factor is your firm.

Factor Client-Denver, CO

Client Review

Factor Design was nothing but professional and accommodating throughout our entire remodel process, and we are thrilled with the result. The team prided themselves on quality craftsmanship and completed the project on time and within budget. We love our new kitchen, bathrooms and built in sunroom. Thank you, Factor Design Build.

Danielle Quatrochi

Client Review

I’m a homeowner in Boulder that hired Josh Fiester to design / build our home renovation. The final results exceeded our expectations and we were able to move in on time and as expected. As you know, the story is never that simple! Our home had been renovated several times before, and from missing supports to swelling soils, we encountered many unforeseen challenges. Josh was able, in most cases, to anticipate the challenge, but in all cases, handle it to our expectations and with exceptional results. He’s masterful at coordinating and holding the various subs accountable, with special attention held to the high quality of finish work. During the design process, Josh creatively expanded upon our vision for our remodel with both innovative and practical solutions. He appears to have a lifetime of field knowledge, from which we greatly benefited. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Josh’s firm for our next major project.

Bart - Boulder, CO

Josh from Factor was the lead for our new home build in Boulder. Josh made our building experience wonderful…we didn’t have any of the horror stories that you hear about from the home building process. Josh and his team coordinated every detail of our job, making it easy and enjoyable. Josh went above and beyond his job description to deliver us a beautiful home, on budget and ahead of schedule. Trust in your builder is crucial and with Josh you can feel confident that he will deliver as promised and will go above and beyond to make sure you get the product you want. We were able to leave town for several months during our build because we knew Josh would deliver as promised without us needing to be there looking over his shoulder. There is no way we would have been able to manage the build process without such great support…and we absolutely love the house!! Thanks Josh!

Timothy O’Donnell

Client Review

I would never use another firm to build or remodel my home. They provided great upfront options, walked us through the selection process, and stuck with us through the twist and turns to the finish line. Top Notch all the way!

Evan Eschmyer

Client Review

Factor Design Build completely remodeled our main floor, including a full kitchen renovation. We love it! Factor came in on-time, on-budget and was on top of the project from start to finish. We would highly recommend Josh, Kent and their entire team (not to mention Lam and Giles!), and hope to partner with them on our next project.

Kathryn Albright

I rarely write reviews, good or bad, as I’m not a huge fan of putting my own opinion about another’s business out there for the entire world to see. If I’m going to take the time to thoughtfully write about a company and my experience, it has always been for only two reasons; either it was very good, or very terrible. In this case, it was over-the-moon great. My wife and I recently bought a new home in the past year. While we did finish the basement during construction, we did not complete it to the style and functional levels it deserved. We knew we needed to warm it up, create textures and turn it into a space where people wouldn’t want to leave. We also wanted to add a wine cellar. While my wife and I have done remodels in the past, we knew we needed to align with a company that could take our vision and get it completed in the most accurate representation of what we believed we wanted. This is very challenging when working with contractors/builders, normally. We’ve never been blown away by anyone we’ve used in the past and would by no means recommend those businesses to anyone. To the contrary, we’ve always been underwhelmed by those companies. In this case we were so incredibly happy for many reasons. First, FDB treated us with a level of professionalism that, quite frankly, is completely lost on that industry. From the design process in their office and at our house, to the meticulous care they took to keep our house immaculately clean during construction, everything they did, every move they made was done with dignity and professionalism. We had weekly review meeting to ensure vision and course that always made sure we were in the loop. And here’s the best part….they actually finished ON TIME and ON BUDGET. If you’ve ever been a part of a remodel you know how seemingly impossible both of those things are. If you are thinking about an in-home project, I’m telling you right now, call these guys. I’ve played the game of trying to get the best “deal” before and have gotten burned every time when, inevitably, they were over-budget and late. What’s piece of mind worth to me? In this instance EVERYTHING as I got all that I wanted and then some.

Dan Brown

My wife and I started our design-build journey in the Spring of 2017 with an idea that we wanted to create a true master suite in our mid-century home, something that was not a priority in that era. After much consideration we figured out that the “easiest” way to accomplish our goal would be to demolish an old sun room, knock out a wall, and combine two existing bedrooms to create the space needed for a large bedroom, bath, and walk-in closet. We consulted an architect friend of ours, who suggested that we look into design-build firms, largely to ensure a consistency of vision and communication throughout the project.

We interviewed two. The second one was Factor Design Build, and we were done. We were in a bit of a unique position, as we were determined to live in the home while it was coming down around our ears. Thus, we felt a strong desire to find someone we could trust and, possibly even more importantly, enjoy spending time with while our lives were being disrupted. I cannot emphasize this enough—from the first moment we met with Josh Fiester (owner) and Jane Blumer (architect) at our home we could tell that Factor is a FAMILY that genuinely and earnestly cares about its clients. Months later, as the final paint touch-ups are concluding, we feel they are now part of our family, too.

We wanted someone who could help us enhance our vision for our home and was competent enough to actually accomplish the design. We could not be more satisfied. From interior design to solid construction to seamlessly meshing the new build with the existing structure, Factor continually exceeded our expectations. I should say that our home is the home I grew up in, so it was also paramount to maintain the “good bones” and homey vibe that had existed here for 50 years. No problem there. From the outside, you would never know an addition had been attached.

A few words about the people—they are very, very good at what they do. They are scrupulously honest, funny, and fun to be around. When you have someone in and around your home 8 hours a day for months on end, that’s important. Josh and Kent run the ship crisply, Jane is a fantastic architect, Jenny is a spectacular designer, Travis Orme is as skilled and caring as any project manager you’re likely to meet, and Travis Surkalo is a “carpenter” without compare (I use the quotes there because he can actually do everything from framing to cabinetry, plumbing, trim, and electrical, too).

I have no doubt whatsoever that the Factor team is imminently capable of executing a client’s specific vision down to the smallest detail. However, I will encourage any person considering a design build (Factor in particular) to relax a bit and engage with the process. Everyone at Factor from the top down is a creative person, and when given the opportunity to let their creativity flow, they work magic. If you can relinquish a little control and truly embrace their collaborative mindset, then your project will turn out more amazing than you ever could have imagined. Ours did.

Some things will not go smoothly. Some things will not be perfect on the first try. Some things will not go quickly. Construction is not a simple journey from point A to point B, any more than life is. But, like life, it is quite possible to enjoy the ride. We enjoyed the ride enough to cry when they finished.

Travis Cebula

The integrity and character of Factor could not be higher in my book. We had interviewed several firms as we were planning to pop the top of our 1920’s bungalow. After several months, we decided to go with Factor and put several thousand dollars down as a deposit. A few weeks later, we found out we would be dealing with some major health challenges within the family and we sadly came to the decision that an extensive home renovation would be too much for us to handle. Josh graciously gave us our whole deposit back and was nothing but sympathetic to our situation. Even though we never went through with a project (yet), it was confirmed to us that we had made the right decision to go with them in the first place. I highly recommend Factor!

Karyn Wingard-Manuel

Factor Design Build took all the stress and pressure out of remodeling our home. From managing high end professionals to assisting with selecting the finishes, they handled it all. Countless surprises have been encountered while remodeling our 105 year old home and Factor has handled each one with professionalism and expertise, all the while keeping our budget in mind. We are very confident in the job Factor is doing and we’re certain we’ll love our new home. If you’re interested in a remodel, but don’t have the time to manage it, Factor is your firm.

Frank Dorr

Client Review

Factor Design Build has been a generous supporter of Colorado Trout Unlimited and our work on protecting, conserving, and restoring Colorado’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. Factor Design Build’s corporate giving program is a testament to their commitment to community and the environment.


Factor Client

Strong community partners, like Factor Design Build, enable us to do what we do best at Denver Kids: help our students stay supported, in school, and on the path to graduation and new possibilities for their futures. From their financial contributions and gifts of technology, to lending helping hands at our student events throughout the year, Factor Design Build is making a difference for youth in our community and we are so grateful to call them our partner.

Denver Kids, Inc.

Factor Community Partner

Factor Design Build completely remodeled my master bathroom and what an incredible job they did! From the first design meeting with Jenny to the completion of my project they have provided exceptional customer service while getting the project done on schedule. Travis Orme is a skilled and passionate project manager who was with me every step of the way. Lam La keeps the project moving smoothly and has excellent attention to detail. Richard Begando did a great job working on my bathroom from start to finish. Kent and Josh thank you for having an amazing team to help me create a beautiful master bathroom.

Lauren Olivier

Factor Client

“Factor was truly awesome to work with. Their designer, Brianna helped transform our interior office space in a way that re-energized the environment and our company. She listened to our design ideas, learned our tastes and turned out a plan that we would have never been able to create on our own. Factor was responsive throughout the entire project and exceeded our expectations all-around.”

Danny Effron

Client Review