Dispelling Cold Weather Renovation Myths: Why Remodeling in the Winter is Beneficial- Cold Weather Remodeling

Winter Home Remodeling & Addition Projects: Benefits & Considerations

Winter Home Renovations From A Design-Build Colorado Firm

It is commonly known that the majority of construction and remodel jobs are done in the spring and summer. What about winter home renovations? But what you may not know is that the wintertime is great for more than snowball fights and the holiday season.

Design-Build Colorado Projects in Wintertime

Not only can your design build Colorado home remodeling projects be accomplished in the winter but in some cases, the wintertime may be the best time of year to take advantage of certain benefits. The best month for house renovation could be during the winter months in Colorado for various reasons.

Advantages and Benefits of Home Remodeling in the Winter Months in Colorado

Here is an informational guide to help you better understand the advantages of home remodeling in the wintertime and how to make any project work, even in the harshest of seasons

Benefits of Wintertime Remodeling & Addition Projects

1. There Are Fewer Conflicts with Contractors’ Scheduling or Availability. Winter Could Be The Best Time Of Year to Hire A Contractor

Spring and summer are the busiest times of the year for contractors and builders of all types. The warmer weather makes a great environment for home remodels, but that also means you are competing with other homeowners for your contractors’ time and availability.

Your Colorado renovation contractors building team doesn’t have as much time to add your project in their schedule. Winter could be the best time of year to hire a contractor.

House projects for winter present unique advantages and benefits and are a completely different story versus home remodeling projects in other Colorado seasons.

Home Remodel Builders Availability of Denver and Boulder, CO Contractors

During a winter home remodel, your Denver and Boulder, CO home builders and remodelers are more available and the project may go quicker, simply because they are less busy and able to dedicate more time to your project.

2. The Legal Elements Move Quicker in a Slower Season

Much like your building and design team, the wintertime is also slower for the departments who process your required paperwork and permits. With a slower season, local government and municipality departments can process your requests faster and more efficiently. And when it comes to major projects, the wintertime also proves slow for inspectors, so moving from stage-to-stage of your remodel will also take less time. Winter may be the best time of year to do home renovations.

3. You’ll Never Be Disappointed with Great Renovation Contractors Supply Availability

With fewer Colorado renovation contractors and construction teams buying supplies, wintertime supply & demand could prove better for your selection process and wallet. As springtime begins, suppliers begin driving up prices due to basic economic principles since there is limited product availability. You can buy those same supplies and materials before the busier season and you’ll not only have a better selection and availability, but also you’ll save some money too.

With more to choose from and at a better price, buying off season supplies really are beneficial for winter remodels.

4. Cold-Weather Remodeling: Common Problems Solved Like Airing Out The House of Fumes

How Can You Air-Out the Home from Fumes and Dust?

You may think that a wintertime home remodel would be hard because the cold requires you to keep windows and doors shut. But just like during warmer weather, your contractors and building team can use tarps to protect your home and prepare a plan for fumes and dust by using proper ventilation.

Will Winterized Building Materials work for in the Summertime?

When it comes to spring and summer remodels, you have to consider shifting and expanding of materials. Certain types of woods and other natural materials used in the building process may shift or shrink once it gets cold out. When you remodel in the wintertime, however, these natural materials are already naturally-winterized and the risk of shifting drastically decreases.

What About Bigger Remodel Jobs? What’s Possible in the Wintertime? Is Winter The Right Time to Remodel?
How About A Home Office Remodel or Adding A Second Story Addition?

The ground may be too hard for foundation work or anything that requires expansion at the ground level, but there’s plenty of home remodeling jobs that can be accomplished in the wintertime such as second story addition or pop-top renovations.

➢ You could even consider a home office remodel or home office renovations for your winter home remodel.

Bigger home remodeling and renovation jobs like replacing windows and doors, moving walls, kitchen remodels and adding a second story building your home upwards are all possible during the Colorado winter months. Winter is the right time to remodel for specific home remodel projects.

Colorado Featured Projects Before And After Results from Houzz.com Design-Build Firms

The wintertime may bring cold and snow, but that doesn’t mean your home remodel projects need to come to a halt. Here at Factor, we specialize in helping you build your dream home during any season.

➢ Check out some of our design-build Colorado before and after project results from Factor at Houzz.com for professional design-build firms in Colorado or contact our professional, knowledgeable staff today for a free design consultation.


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