Finding Design Inspiration to Start Your Remodel Off Right

The time has come where you’ve realized parts of your home are no longer functioning well for your growing family, you don’t enjoy the look of certain rooms anymore, or you have bought a new house. Styles and preferences change after all and there are things you want to do right away to have your home more accurately reflect you and your personal style. You spend a lot of time in your home, and you should really love each and every room.

If you’ve come to the decision to remodel your home, follow these tips that include the best places to find inspiration and get your home remodel project started.

Finding your aesthetic

When you begin to look at options for your remodel, it can feel overwhelming so it helps to get organized. In order to do this, keep running lists on your phone of things you do and do not like.


Figure out what you like & dislike

Figuring out what you do not like is a good start on figuring out what you do like. Consider all the aspects of the designs and features you see. Perhaps that backsplash you saw at a friends house would be nice if the colors were different. Take note of styles, colors, and features you simply do not care for. You do not need a reason for your preferences – just note them.


Look for inspiration everywhere

You can look for inspiration everywhere. A good place to start is on Pinterest and Instagram. There are a wide array of unique and interesting ideas there such as designers’ websites, particularly before and after photos. Keep in mind why you wanted to remodel in the first place and what you practically need from the space.

When you are out and about, notice other people’s homes and even businesses. Add the things you do and don’t like to your list. Continue your search by looking through your favorite magazines, searching Google images, and finding artwork that inspires you. Print out the things you really love, and keep them in a folder. You can even find interior design inspiration in the outside world. Nature is filled with beautiful color and shape combinations that may inspire an idea for your remodel.

Don’t worry if you are mixing different styles together. You can sift and sort through this later. A really good designer can combine styles in ways that may surprise you.

Finding a designer

Once you have compiled your lists, filled your Pinterest board, and gathered images, it is time to find a designer who can work with you to turn your inspiration to reality. Ask around amongst your friends and family, especially those who have recently done remodels that you love. Look through the designers portfolios to see the quality of their work and if they feel like a good match. Keep in mind you should have some style compatibility with your designer, but you do not need to agree on everything. A good designer will always give you what you want, not what they want.

Be honest with your designer


Once you have found a designer that feels like a good match, it is critical that you share your honest opinions with them. Show them all the inspiration you found – your images, Pinterest boards, lists, and ideas. Being honest about what you do and do not like in the is how you end up with a home you love.

At the same time it is also important to trust your designer. Their training and experience means they may combine your interests, needs, and preferences in surprising ways that you will ultimately love. Stay open to new ideas and possibilities, and be sure to ask plenty of questions.

If you have found some interior design inspiration and are ready to begin your design project, please contact us. Our professional team of designers look forward to turning your inspiration into a home you will love.


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