How Do You Know When It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Your bathroom is one of the most highly trafficked, and likely overlooked, rooms in your home. The whole family uses it throughout the day and it’s not off limits to friends or guests. It’s seen and used by everyone but rarely given the attention it deserves. More than just a space for daily hygiene, it should be an environment that promotes relaxing, rejuvenating, and pampering. Take a good, hard look at your bathroom and consider these unmistakable signs that mean it’s time for a remodel.   

Layout leaves much to be desired.

If you’ve been in a poorly planned bathroom then you know the pain of a bad layout. Illogical design and layouts that aren’t functional make even a larger bathroom feel small and completely cramp a smaller bathroom. The most used features should be in easy-to-access locations, items used less frequently can be stored, and main walkways should be kept clear of clutter. While there’s no one layout that works for every bathroom, if your layout doesn’t align with how you use the space then it’s time to rethink the flow.

Storage space is limited.

Without enough built-in storage space, your bathroom counters become overrun with products, extra toiletries, linens, and more. If you don’t have cupboards, shelves, or a recessed storage nook for all your bathroom items, then it’s likely you’re making piles and stacks, grouping things in open baskets or storage caddies. Maximizing your bathroom’s limited space is one of the major reasons to decide to finally put time and energy into a full remodel.  

Lighting doesn’t shine.

The lights in your bathroom might be brutally blinding overheads or so dim you can barely see the details of your face in the mirror. Poor lighting really changes your experience in a space, which is why getting better light fixtures can make a big difference for your bathroom’s ambiance. Make a plan for the kind of lighting your bathroom’s missing, brighter lights over the vanity or a dimmer option for the main overhead, and find the fixtures that match your needs. Try upgrading your light bulbs to energy efficient options for a brighter glow that saves money over time.   

Design aesthetic is dated.

Suffering from uninspired or outdated design elements in your bathroom? Increasing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom makes sense given the amount of time you spend in it and the amount of use it gets. Bathrooms can be so overlooked that you might still have linoleum floors, popcorn ceilings, or wallpaper in places. Take time to inventory what stylistic changes you want to make to your bathroom, drawing inspiration from Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV, or design blogs.

Outgrown the space.

Bathrooms quickly transform from feeling cozy when shared by two people to feeling crazy when the whole family needs to get in and out of the same room before starting their day. Getting everyone ready and out the door on time can be a huge challenge when sharing a bathroom, especially if the layout isn’t functional. A bathroom remodel and expansion is the easiest way to meet everyone’s changing needs while prioritizing functionality. Work with a design-build architect and remodel team to create your bathroom blueprints then execute on your perfect space.  

Plumbing needs an upgrade.

Ready to take your plumbing into the modern age but not sure what upgrades you need? You likely don’t pay much attention to your plumbing until something’s broken. From just a small leak to major flooding, ruined walls, rotted floors, and electrical issues, it’s important to get your plumbing updated before it begins to deteriorate. Fixing up your bathroom’s plumbing provides an easy opportunity to make other aesthetic changes.  

Making the choice to remodel your bathroom means you’re ready to up your home’s value. By adding more storage, refreshing the aesthetic, upgrading the plumbing, changing up the layout, or expanding the footprint, you enhance the value of the room and ultimately increase your return on investment. For a comprehensive and holistic approach to your bathroom remodel, work with a seasoned team of design, construction, and project professionals. Create the relaxing and functional bathroom that your whole family will enjoy day in and day out.



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