What to Expect During Factor’s Design Phase

Often accompanying the excitement of a new construction project are reservations or uncertainties about how it is all going to come together. These uncertainties are normal, but relief comes from having an understanding of how the various phases of the design-build process will take place. For the moment, we’ll focus on what to expect during the design phase. The design phase includes a series of four steps.

Step One: The Design Download & Lots of Questions

This lovely Cheesman Park interior was conceived during Factor's design phase

Establishing the structure and design that best fits your needs and vision is the ultimate goal. In order to get a better understanding of these two aspects, our designers and architects begin by getting to know you, your home, your lifestyle, and your needs. We will take the ideas, samples, sketches, and other design aspects that are a part of the picture in your mind and incorporate them into what we perceive to be your vision. To accomplish this task, we will ask lots of questions. With this information, we’ll put together a project scope and present you with a cost projection for your project. Together, we’ll sign a design agreement and get started on the design phase.

Key Takeaway: Our designers ask lots of questions in order to clarify your vision and a project scope and a baseline cost estimate for the design.



Step Two: Construction Team Consultation

An important element in the design build is that top-notch carpenters are involved in the design

If the various elements of a design are impossible to carry out, then the design is worthless. Consequently, the next step includes consulting our construction team to identify any construction challenges or budget issues that might interrupt the construction process or cause major changes to your design. These challenges might go beyond structural issues and incorporate plumbing, HVAC or electrical problems as well as making sure that our design meets all safety and code standards.

Key Takeaway: By consulting with our construction team we catch issues early and allow our designers to report these issues and let you be a part of whatever design changes might be necessary.

Step Three: The Design Presentation

A proper design and build approach takes a team of experts

After getting input from our construction team concerning our initial design and allowing you to be part of any changes that arose out of those consultations, we present a design draft that is very near what we’ll use for construction. In this phase, we lay out the details of the project, which will include:

  • a clear design concept
  • plans and sketches of what the finished project should look like
  • pricing guidelines and budget considerations

Once you have approved the concept and project scope that we have presented, we will move into presenting the various details that will be involved in completing the project according to your vision. Those details will include:

  • materials
  • fixtures
  • colors and patterns
  • trim and cabinetry
  • and all the minute details that makeup a completed structure.

Once these details are solidified, we will ask you to sign off on the design presentation we’ve laid out before we draw up the final construction contract.

Key Takeaway: The final design presentation is another opportunity for you to provide us with more input concerning your vision and correct any errors in our interpretation of what you want.

Step Four: The Contract Sign Off

With all the design elements in place, we move to contract signing. This contract will have all the design features we presented, along with any necessary changes and adjustments to features, and budget projections. We won’t sign a contract until our design meets your expectations. Along with the contract, your project manager will present a construction timeline enabling you to keep up with all phases of the project and completion times.  

Key Takeaway: Contact signing only takes place once all design aspects and budget considerations are approved and you are happy with the direction we’ve laid out.

The design build process can be intimidating. But you can breathe easier with Factor because we make every effort to keep you involved along the way by answering your questions and keeping you informed throughout the process. Contact us to learn more about why Factor projects are better designed & better built.



Ready to invest in your home and yourself? Let’s discuss your next luxury design-build project.



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