4 Tips For Remodeling A Kid’s Room

Starting a remodeling process is always difficult. There are a lot of questions and decisions that need to be made. But when you’re remodeling your child’s room, you may have even more questions. How do you pick a theme, the furniture, and everything else when there is a small voice with an important opinion too? We’ve been through this process before and have some tips!

1. Pick a theme

This can be a fun part of remodeling a kid’s room. When else do you get to pick a superhero theme during the design process? Make sure to incorporate your child’s thoughts while picking a theme. You want them to be excited about it, also! Considering things like their favorite hobbies, animals, sports, and more will help you pick a theme quickly. Creativity is encouraged in their room! However, you will also want to make sure that the theme allows for their growth. Picking things that can be easily replaced that match the theme like accessories and paint will make remodeling in a few years much easier!

2. Consider the functionality

When you’re starting the design process, it helps to consider what that space will be used for in the future. Does your child need a desk for homework or do they need a play space? Do they need a full bed or a twin bed? Some of these questions will be answered by when you expect to redo the room and how old they will be then. A nursery and playroom have different styles and needs than a room for a teenager.

3. Storage, storage, storage!

In every room, it’s really important to consider storage. In your child’s room, it is extra important. Keeping the room clean will be easier if everything has a spot. Thinking about this early in the design process will help you in the long run. You can never have too much storage!

4. Choosing a flooring option

Different flooring options will give the room different feels. It depends on what you’re hoping for in the room. Hardwood is easier to clean and is more resilient to a child’s habits. Carpet provides some cushioning for children learning to walk and some padding between floors for noise if the room is upstairs. These are hard decisions. But don’t worry. Your design team will be able to help your child – and you – get the room of their dreams!

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