The Emotional Rollercoaster –

The Expected Ups and Downs that accompany any remodel project…

Remodeling/renovating is a dynamic and complex process. The process of creating your dream home is a road with inevitable twists and turns, and one we take very seriously. That is why we find incredible value in familiarizing our clients with the emotional roller coaster – a supportive reference tool in moments of stress or uncertainty. We want you to feel certain that you are in good hands, and trust that we are there to support you every step of the way.

We developed the Emotional Rollercoaster Diagram as a reminder that projects are dynamic, and twists and turns in the road do not mean that we will not arrive at your desired destination!

Let’s take a look at what to expect…

Design Agreement

Excitement Level: High

Your vision is clear, your ideas are communicated, your excitement is high.

The Design Agreement is the first major step we take in turning your ideas into reality! Excitement is high, and ideas are still circulating. We’re collaborating and co-creating design plans that authentically capture and deliver your vision.

Estimating & Construction Agreement

Excitement Level: Lowering

We’ve bounced around handfuls of ideas, vision boards, and the vision is coming together. It’s time to revisit pricing and construction plans. The initial excitement is still circulating, but mellowing down as we talk shop. You’ll receive your project renderings, and when all is looking perfect and on track to you, we’ll sign the construction agreement!

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Excitement Level: Medium

The rubber is meeting the road. The bones of your project are coming together and we’re seeing structural elements come together. Excitement increases as we reach Rough Framing, as you are able to look at the structural bones and imagine your finalized project!

Next comes all the details; the plumbing, the windows, the electrical, the insulation, etc. There’s details we can’t overlook, and often times they aren’t quite as much fun as the vision board brainstorming and rough framing.

Fixtures and Finishes

Excitement Level: High

The frame is there, the space is coming together – and it’s time to add some color and texture. Excitement climbs back up the roller coaster tracks we add elements such as tile, trim, cabinets, paint, fixtures, and flooring. This takes us back up to peak excitement, as the finishes on your project reach completion and we approach final move in!

Move In!

Excitement Level: Highest!

The space is splashed in your very own selection of color hues, structures, patterns, textures, and designs. You are moving in to a work of art completely original to you, and we are so happy we could help you get there!

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