Spring Spaces

Inviting Fresh Light & Color into your Design Plans.

Spring is just around the corner and it has a handful of us feeling inspired to transform our warm and cozy winter spaces into airy spring vibes. Because there are so many ways to freshen up your home as the days get longer, we decided to gather some of the brightest ideas from our Design Team and share them with you! As you start to transition your home for spring hosting, keep these design tips in mind to create a more inviting & refreshing feel in your living spaces.

Color Pops, Florals, and Textures

“Our foolproof go-to for transitioning your space into spring is of course, playing with floral wallpaper or colorful pastel tones in your wall paint! Fresh paint is always a great way to freshen up a space and can always be changed according to season, trend, and preference. For Spring, take a look at Sage greens, light steel blue’s, and/or any pastel shades of your favorite colors.

Understandably, you may also be looking for a change with less commitment attached. You can absolutely transform the feel of a room without changing the wall color/paper. Grab a couple of decorative pillows and decorative blankets that are lighter in visual weight/texture, and have them in a closet for when Spring rolls around every year! Adding a pop of color to neutral toned spaces will give everything the touch of vitality it needs for Spring.”

Christine Puskar, Interior Designer

Light, Greenery, and Natural Elements

Never underestimate the difference a simple houseplant can make. Incorporating greenery and florals into your living spaces this Spring will bring so much freshness and natural appeal to the space. Maybe this Spring is the perfect excuse for you to finally try out being a plant parent!

“The dream vision for a Springy home is the perfect harmony of light, cleanliness, natural feel, and color! Consider lending the space a sense of fresh, cleanliness with lots of whites in textiles in pillows and long drapes that are light, sheer, or breasey in nature. When it comes to lightening up a space, and if you’re considering a remodel this spring, do not miss out on Natural lighting. Seriously, take note of where the best natural lighting comes into your home and open that space up with windows and mirrors! You’ll be amazed the difference it makes. Not looking to fully remodel around the Sun’s rise and fall? We understand. There is always the awesome option of changing up your Window Treatment with a good cleaning and new, lighter finish, blinds, or drapes.

As far as other natural elements, it is so beautiful to see lighter, organic wood tones and shapes in the spring. If you’re looking to switch to a more permanent, lighter palette, this could be the perfect opportunity to hit your dining/living room tables with some sandpaper and stain to lighten up their color. If you’re looking to purchase some new furniture pieces, take a look at organically shaped wood pieces a sense of texture and movement for that effortless, all natural, drift-wood feel!”

Danielle McCool

Lighting Fixtures, Accessories, and Pattern Play

“We love to use Brass sconce light fixtures with warm lightbulbs. They are such a clean yet warm look, perfect for Spring and Summer, while the brass color still blends in beautifully with Fall and Winter Palettes. We see a lot of popularity in accessories/furniture with soft edges around this time of year. These pieces with more rounded edges, be it rounded couches, curved lamps, or fluid looking wall art. These accessories, tile, and art pieces also pose the perfect opportunity to play with contrasting patterns such a florals and checkers!”

Danielle McCool

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