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Beyond Alexa: Modernizing Your Remodel with Smart Home Technology

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works” ~ Steve Jobs

Bring your home into the 21st century

Add a little intelligence to your next home remodel. When you are renovating, leveraging smart home technology can make your home more enjoyable, more accessible, or more secure. Now would be the perfect time to take advantage of the systems and components of comfortable living and connect them together via the “internet of things,” turning your house into a smart home.

Automate Your Lifestyle

According to the Forbes Technology Council’s research, three of the benefits of leveraging technology into the home design are increased efficiency, control, and customization. Innovative technology can:

  • Increase the pleasure you get from a high-end appointed home
  • Make aging in place a possibility as you prepare for retirement
  • Address ongoing safety issues
  • Make your home more comfortable
    If a home remodel is in your future, speak with our team at Factor Design Build. We have the professional knowledge and understanding to ensure that all your individual smart components work together.

Adopt Smart Tech in your Home

The key to smart home renovation is selecting elements that fit your lifestyle and integrate seamlessly into your home’s design. Make every aspect of your daily routine uniquely yours. It can be perfect for the way you live today.

Kitchen Upgrades

Comfort, control, and convenience are just a voice command or a click away. Explore the possibilities for your kitchen:


  • WiFi-enabled refrigerators with LCD screens and the capability of making your grocery list on-demand
  • Induction cook-top stoves
  • Robotic vacuums & central vacuum systems
  • Communication with washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, and ovens from anywhere
  • Task lighting exactly where and when you need it
  • Smart speakers & continuous home stereos

This is a great time to install some programmable window treatments. Just tell the “brain” when you need them up, and what time of day they need to be lowered.


Smart Bathroom Getaways

Add a wow factor to your planned bathroom remodel, then expect the ease and comfort you and your family will get from:


  • A personalized showering experience. Program in your preferences in water temperature, the force of stream, and favorite music.
  • Hands-free toilets
  • Outlets with built-in USB ports & cordless chargers


Security Upgrades

Safety and security rank high on reasons to add some technology to your home. Manufacturers continue to improve current technology and today there is a vast assortment of smart home devices available to choose from. During a remodel, when changing the room’s lighting consider incorporating:


  • Adjustable LED light bulbs
  • Smart switches & plugs
  • Technology-enhanced door locks, doorbells & video cameras
  • Automated window treatments and blinds


Climate Control Upgrades

Heating and cooling your home account for the lion’s share of your home’s energy usage. Smart thermostats offer individual control over your home’s temperature and climate from anywhere. Smart thermostats take the guesswork out of the equation when the goal is improving your home’s energy efficiency. These innovative devices will:

  • Adapt to your schedules and preferences, and automatically adjust interior temperatures
  • Use occupancy sensors to detect when you’re home
  • Remind you when preventative maintenance is due
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Automated window treatments  that adapt to sunrise & sunset


Entertaining Capabilities

Smart home technology goes beyond functionality.  All of these features can be used to improve your day-to-day but can also be leveraged for special occasions. The following features can turn your house ambient oasis for entertaining.


  • Continuous home speaker systems
  • Customized lighting options
  • Automated kitchen appliances to speed up after-party clean up

This is the future – embrace it.

Plan your day – sync your appliances, gadgets, WiFi, and personal assistants to set up a ‘smart routine‘ that does all the thinking for you. Utter a few words, and just like that- lights come on, the perfect cup of coffee is brewing, the news radio station plays in the background, and your shower is running and waiting for you.

Smart home technology is an investment with functional and long-term rewards. Contact us when you are ready to remodel your home. We can help you integrate smart home technology into your design plan.