Smart Home Upgrades: Smart Home Technology Denver & Boulder, CO Region

Beyond Alexa: Modernizing Your Remodel with Smart Home Technology

Bring Your Home into the 21st Century with Smart Home Upgrades

There are three benefits to leveraging technology into your home’s design and creating the best smart home upgrades: increased efficiency, control, and customization.

➢ When you add a little tech to your next home remodel or upgrade, you can increase comfort, security, accessibility, and more for Denver residential remodeling.

Which Denver Smart Home Technology upgrades are right for your needs, and how can you start incorporating them into your home’s remodel for tech upgrades to home conveniences?

Do you want to add smart home devices, smart home technology systems, smart home security systems, or entire smart home design and construction services for high-tech improvements? Here, we’re sharing some of the best smart home technology upgrades you can make that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

COVID-friendly Smart Home Upgrades – Technology Upgrades

How to Upgrade A Smart Home.The COVID-19 pandemic, has heightened our awareness for sanitization and home cleaning needs as well as for high-tech improvements while working from home. Smart home technology can help keep your home clean and sanitized — beyond your typical disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers.

➢Our Colorado design builders contractors team can help upgrade your home with all of that and more for high-tech home improvements and the best home high-tech upgrades like:

We Know How To Upgrade To A Smart Home With Smart Home Devices

Air purification systems

Increase quality airflow throughout your entire home, keeping germs and viruses at bay — now and beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

Ultraviolet closets

You can store coats, jackets, shoes, outdoor supplies, toys, and more in ultraviolet closets as an extra measure of disinfecting.

Voice-enabled technology

Surfaces have a lot of germs. The best way to avoid contracting or spreading them is through voice-enabled technology. With just a quick spoken command, you can control things like lighting, electronics, appliances, temperatures, and much more, all without touching anything.

High Tech Home Improvements

If a home remodel is in your future, speak with our team of Colorado Design Build Contractors at Factor Design Build. We have the professional knowledge and understanding to ensure that all your individual smart components work together.

Colorado Design Build Contractors

Smart Kitchen Upgrades by A Denver & Boulder, CO Smart Home Contractor

Smart kitchen utilities can save time inside your new upper-scale remodel in the Denver and Boulder areas.

With smart technology in your kitchen, comfort, control, and convenience are just a voice command (or click) away. Some of the best possibilities include:

  • WiFi-enabled refrigerators with LCD screens (some even have the capability of making your grocery list on-demand!)
  • Induction cook-top stoves
  • Robotic vacuums & central vacuum systems
  • Communication with washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, and ovens from anywhere
  • Task lighting exactly where and when you need it when home office remodeling
  • Smart speakers & continuous home stereos
  • Programmable window treatments to open and close your shades whenever you want

Smart Bathroom Upgrades & Bathroom Remodeling

Your upper-scale bathroom remodel can be even more enjoyable with smart water heating and entertainment controls.

Yes, you read that right — you can even make your Boulder or Denver, CO area bathroom remodeling project easier and get the desired design result. As one of the most germ-ridden areas in your home, ease your mind by reducing germs and keeping surfaces clean. Consider bathroom remodeling and renovations updates like:

  • A programmable shower to personalize your water temperature and water pressure
  • Programmable and adjustable lighting
  • Stereo Speaker system
  • Hands-free toilets with automated lids and flushing systems
  • Outlets with built-in USB ports & cordless chargers

Smart Home Security Upgrades

smart home additions

Safety and security smart home upgrades are some of the top reasons homeowners make technology upgrades to their homes. As manufacturers continue to improve current technology, there is a vast assortment of smart home devices available to choose from. Whether you’re upgrading or remodeling your home, consider incorporating things like:

  • Technology-enhanced door locks, doorbells, and video cameras
  • Adjustable LED light bulbs that are dimmable
  • Smart electrical switches and plugs (you can even put these on a timer to turn on and off — even when you’re not home)
  • Automated window treatments and blinds

Smart Energy-Efficient Upgrades From Top Home Renovation Companies

Smart climate control is almost a no-brainer for your upper-scale remodeling or renovation effort in Boulder or Denver.

Heating and cooling your home account for most of its energy usage. This is especially true for those who stayed home a lot in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The top Denver home renovation companies offer smart thermostats offer individual control over your home’s temperature and climate from anywhere — even your phone. They also take the guesswork out of manually adjusting it to keep you comfortable while also keeping your bills low. With a smart thermostat, you can:

  • Automatically adjust interior temperatures to adapt to your schedules and preferences
  • Use occupancy sensors to detect when you’re home
  • Remind you when preventative maintenance is due
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Program automated window treatments to adapt to sunrise and sunset

Smart Home Entertaining Capabilities

smart home additions

Smart home technology goes beyond functionality.  All of these features can be used to improve your day-to-day but can also be leveraged for special occasions. The following features can turn your house ambient oasis for entertaining.

  • Smart Home Continuous home speaker systems
  • Customized lighting options
  • Automated kitchen appliances to speed up after-party clean up

Smart technology is the future. Embrace it with Factor Design Build

Smart home upgrades can be a big investment, but one that has endless benefits and long-term rewards. It’s more convenient, safer, smarter, and cleaner than ever before. At Factor Design Build, we can help you integrate smart home technology in your current home or a future redesign.

Turn your home into the smart home of your dreams.

In addition Factor can help you with adding an additional floor to a house in the Denver CO or Boulder, CO Region.


Ready to invest in your home and yourself? Let’s discuss your next luxury design-build project.



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