➢ Is it time to remodel or redesign your bathroom for a dream home bathroom remodel in Colorado?

Learn the tell-tale signs that your bathroom is no longer functional and outdated whether it’s a standard bathroom or a dream-home remodel bathroom project.

Bathroom Remodeling Denver & Boulder, CO. Are your bathroom design and features outdated? Do you need to explore bathroom remodeling Denver contractors for value and remodeling or makeover capability?  Is your bathroom space and storage no longer functional for your family’s needs? It might be time to consider some updates or even a full remodel but first you want to ensure you are making the right decisions.

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If you notice any of these 9 tell-tale signs, it’s time to talk about a possible Denver bathroom remodeling complete remodel or bathroom renovation bathroom remodelers addition to your home remodel project.

#1: Your Bathroom Has Plumbing Issues: Might Be Time For A Complete Bathroom Remodel

Are leaky faucets and running toilets giving you a headache? Besides being a nuisance, these plumbing issues are all wasteful and inefficient. With a bathroom renovation, you can upgrade old fixtures to water-efficient ones using our Denver Design-Build Bathroom Tips.

#2: Your Drains Are Slow- Slow Draining Drains

Slow drains are a sign you have plumbing issues. While fixing a slow drain does not always require a full bathroom remodel, calling the plumber might prompt you to rethink your entire bathroom setup.

#3: Your Bathroom Is Moldy and Possibly Needs Bathroom Mold Remediation

Stagnant humidity, often caused by a non-functioning fan, is a bad sign for your bathroom. In fact, it could cause toxic mold you can’t even see. Bathroom updates, including upgrades to your ventilation, can prevent issues caused by poor airflow in the bathroom.

#4: Your Counters Are Cluttered and You Need More Storage Space

Do you struggle with items left on your bathroom counters? A bathroom remodel could help you create a more functional space with new storage solutions. A separate bathroom vanity, additional set of drawers, or linen closet can provide better organization.

#5: Your Design Is Outdated – Bathroom Remodeling Colorado

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A bathroom update can take care of design flaws, including wallpaper and certain types of brass. Plus, interior designers now know the impact humidity can have on your wallpaper over time. If you have vintage pastel tubs, sinks, or toilets, we can redesign the room to highlight and modernize them. These outdated fixtures may look vintage, but without an updated design they can just look dated.

#6: You Never Use Your Bathtub And Should Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures you never use need to go. If you never use your bathtub, bidet, or Jacuzzi, consider exchanging them for a shower stall or even a bathroom wet room. Of course, if you still need the tub for children or pets, you might upgrade the bath instead.

#7: You Hate Your Colorado Bathroom Lighting

Bad bathroom lighting plagues many otherwise beautiful bathrooms. Dark lighting makes seeing yourself in the mirror difficult, while extremely bright lighting with vanity bulbs may be wasteful, hot, and not exactly conducive to your view. With a remodel of your bathroom lighting, you can upgrade to dimmers and directional vanity lighting and upgrade lighting fixtures.

You might also have glass block, which was used to filter natural lighting into the room while also offering privacy. Today, window film on the existing windows is a more sophisticated look.

#8: You Are Fighting for Bathroom Counter Space

Do you have multiple family members trying to use the same vanity? Upgrade your counter area to allow multiple people to use the same space comfortably. You might expand the counter area or add another sink to prevent the morning fight for the bathroom.

#9: You Struggle to Clean the Bathroom

Are you facing dirty grout, gross caulking, or hard water buildup every time you use the bathroom? Even if you are a diligent cleaner, cleaning may lapse when the fixtures are too difficult to maintain. You can upgrade your life by updating your bathroom to a more manageable style.

Professional Bathroom Model Ideas For Colorado Homes Help Is Available

Factor Design Build helps you create beautiful and functional bathrooms for your Colorado bathroom remodeling projects.

When you work with professional Colorado interior designers, you can establish a strong vision for the living space you want. You can see our Colorado design-build contractors projects gallery for inspiration. Plus, architects and other contractors ensure your new bathroom is up to par in terms of plumbing, electricity, drainage, and ventilation.

If your bathroom is outdated or simply too small to meet your family’s needs, your Boulder Design Build team will help bring function and sophistication to your home. Get in touch with us to put the overwhelming task of deciding to renovate to rest.