How to Reorganize Your Rooms to Improve Mental Health

While many states are working on reopening from the shelter in place order, we all have learned the importance of our home these past few weeks. We’ve learned the importance of having quiet space, play space, home offices, and more. But if you are wondering how to reorganize to improve mental well-being, we have some suggestions! 

Reduce Colorado Home Remodeling Stress, Anxiety, Fears, and Frustrations

Avoid Clutter

It sounds small, but there are numerous studies proving that clutter links to depression. We aren’t suggesting becoming a minimalist or selling all your belongings. But taking the extra time to put things away, empty the sink, or organize your books will go a long way in bringing you some daily peace. 

Ask How You’re Feeling In Your House 

Havenly Online Interior Design asked wellness counselor, Amy Morrison, what she suggests for designing a room with mental well-being in mind. She reminds us to start by really stopping to ask how we feel in our house. She suggests asking: 

  • Is this space restful?
  • Is there some stimulation? 
  • Does it foster an environment of connection?
  • Does it help with my productivity?

Let in the sunshine & natural light 

Starting the day with letting in sunlight and fresh air will improve your whole day! “Natural light can brighten your mood and increase the production of endorphins and serotonin.” If you’re starting with reorganizing, start with opening some windows. When you decide to do a remodel project, envision some windows and how to start bringing in more natural light. Our design team can always help bring new ideas for natural light to your space.

Consider colors

For any room, it’s important to think about the colors. Colors will bring in different moods. Make sure the colors are right for you. Colors can have different effects on your mood. For example, warm colors like red, orange, or yellow create energy and optimism. Blue, however, will make you feel calm or soothed. Make sure to give some extra thought to what you’re looking for in your home. 

Be genuine to yourself 

One of Factor’s core values is being genuine. This is always important – including when you design your new house. Bring in your own style and your memories. “Researchers at the University of California Berkeley found that just reflecting on happy life experiences can have a lasting positive effect.” This will mean different things for each person – maybe for you, it’s photos on the wall, maybe it’s an award, maybe it’s a painting from an art show you attended. Whatever it is for you, it’ll bring that happiness to the forefront of your mind every day. 

If you’re ready to make some changes in your home or want our design team’s help, give us a call today!


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