What are Renderings and how do they support the Design Process?

Project Renderings mark a memorable milestone in the scope of your Project design & development! Renderings illustrate (in remarkable detail) the creative direction behind your project. Every detail is accounted for, offering you a polished and realistic look at what the finished project will look like, based on our collaborative efforts and materials selection! It is an exciting step in your remodel/renovation, and marks the point at which the rubber meets the road.

What is a Rendering?

A Rendering is a set of images that depict the design of your project in incredible detail and realism. Renderings are about as close as you can get to a “real-life” looking image of your Project. Take it from our Interior Designer, Danielle McCool…

“I think renderings provide a really effective way of communicating the design in a realistic way so that the clients are able to see the finished product before the project really commences. Sometimes with Revit, we can show colors and some textures, but we can’t convey a fully realistic image of how all aspects of the design are coming together and working together to create a new space for them.”

Danielle McCool, Interior Designer

The best part? You’ll receive & review your renderings at our Construction Agreement Meeting – before construction actually begins – giving you a realistic glimpse at what the finished project will look like and opportunity to see your vision fully captured! By the time you receive your renderings, you have already selected and confirmed your choices for project materials, so you’ll see a polished rendering with no details missing – from your selection of wallpaper to sink faucets!

“Going over Renderings at the Construction Agreement Meeting kind of ties a bow on the design of the project and is a really fun thing to show the clients to get excited about their project and to be able to see this design that they have been dreaming of!”

Danielle McCool, Interior Designer

Factor Renderings

Take a look at some Factor Renderings that are currently under construction…

What can Clients expect out of their Renderings?

“Depending on the size of the project, clients can expect 1-3 renderings (can be interior or exterior) of the project. The designers input accessories that they envision in the space which is also a really cool way for clients to get ideas on how they want to finish the space when we are all done with the construction, since we don’t necessarily do FFE (furniture, art, accessories type stuff). All of the accessories and pieces of furniture we use are available online at some of our favorite places, and we are happy to provide clients the links to the actual products if they are loving certain ones.”

Danielle McCool, Interior Designer

How are Renderings helpful to the Design Team?

“Renderings are so helpful to the design process! It is so helpful to have a tool that can portray our visualization to clients in a form more tangible and cohesive than words and scrap materials. Designers can visualize how we want the space to look and feel, but sometimes clients can struggle to envision how everything will come together and look in the end. The renderings provide a real-life feel to their new space and it can be a really helpful selling point on some projects”

Danielle McCool

Presenting a client with their Renderings is an exciting and distinguishing step in the Design to construction transition! Just like Danielle said, the Renderings Meeting ties a bow on the Design Process, and marks the point at which excitement builds, and construction begins!

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