Design Guide For Industrial Design Build: Beauty in Balance with Modern Industrial Interior Design

Colorado Industrial Design Guide

Do you love the look of modern industrial interior design and industrial design build design but wonder how to achieve the perfectly imperfect look in your new home for industrial design build for homes?

Industrial Modern Design Interior and Exterior. Exposed brick, pipes, and beams are hallmarks of this popular exterior industrial modern design style but they can feel cold unless they’re properly balanced.

Boulder, CO Design-Build Contractor Team – Modern Industrial Design and Earthy Interior Design

Knowing how to create that beautiful industrial design balance is where a Boulder design build team of general contractors can help create the perfect industrial design basement or industrial design ideas for your Colorado home.

Factor helps you design your new home to have the perfect balance between industrial and comfortable for modern industrial design ideas that nail the industrial design exact look you want!

Incorporating Raw Materials Into Contemporary Industrial House Design

Industrial design as a home remodel trend for Colorado houses

Industrial Interior Design

Instead of hiding them behind walls or under finishes, industrial interior design celebrates the beauty of raw materials like wood, metal, brick, stone, and even cement. Although these materials are by their nature hard and masculine, they pair beautifully with layers of softer furnishings.

Industrial Style Shelves, Ductwork, Beams, Pipes, The Unfinished Appearance

Exposed metal beams, pipes, and ductwork emphasize the raw, unfinished appearance that makes urban warehouse lofts so popular. Fortunately, you won’t have to tear down your walls to achieve this look. We can capture this look with something as simple as a set of wood and metal industrial style shelves.

Layering in Vintage Furniture and Hardware For Industrial Style

Industrial Design Contractors in Colorado

Industrial Design Contractors in Colorado Our Colorado Industrial design contractors in Colorado create a perfect blend of vintage and modern industrial design features.

One way to incorporate vintage is with industrial design weathered furniture that looks like it has a story to tell. For inspiration, think of your grandfather’s garage or an old country store. They were probably full of unfinished or battered wood, metals, and utilitarian objects. We’ll add in some organic materials like plants, textiles, and leather to soften the hard edges and you’re well on the way to modern industrial.

Vintage Industrial Design Furniture and Modern Industrial Style Furniture

Vintage industrial metal furniture and modern industrial furniture are both beautiful and highly functional.

When they’re combined with wood, they create an earthy, yet modern, look that’s very appealing. This is similar to modern farmhouse style in its use of industrial pieces combined with rustic elements, trendy Edison bulbs, and lots of glass.

Keeping the Modern Industrial Design Layout Open


TModern Industrial Design For Homes In Coloradohe function of a room is our main focus when it comes to modern industrial design. Whether it’s your busy kitchen or just a relaxing room to unwind at the end of a busy day – form should follow function.

Negative Space Functional Layout For Interior Design

The key to a functional layout is to keep it open and have negative space. We’ll plan for plenty of negative space and comfortable pathways will help create a feeling of spaciousness even in a fairly small area.

Making sure the furniture is in scale to the room will also help. Pieces that do double duty as functional storage can help keep the space uncluttered. This will also enhance its open feeling. Just like an urban loft, your modern industrial space will like it has an open layout. High ceilings and lots of large windows will add to this open feeling.

Using a Neutral Palette For Your Industrial Space Design


A neutral color palette serves as a subtle backdrop that lets the industrial elements shine. In fact, many of the materials inherent in industrial design are themselves neutrals.Neutral Color Palette. A neutral color palette serves as a subtle backdrop that lets the industrial elements shine. In fact, many of the materials inherent in industrial design are themselves neutrals. Metal, wood, and stone are all considered neutrals. Unlike a palette of stark neutrals like black, gray, and white, industrial neutrals tend toward warmer browns and tans.

By staying within a neutral palette, accessories become more important. Collections of objects that you love can do the storytelling in your modern industrial space. Collections that include vintage items like parts from old factory equipment or farmsteads fit an industrial space perfectly. Layer in distressed leather, cozy textiles, and vintage photos to add warmth and create interesting vignettes.  Artwork, antiques or anything that has sentimental value to you, will be incorporated and will really add to the design.

Creating a Modern Industrial Space Of Your Own For Your Colorado Home

Modern Industrial Design Style Ideas and Designs for Colorado Homes

Modern industrial design ideas combine the very best of vintage with the convenience of modern. Unfortunately, trying to balance the two in the midst of a remodel can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where our Factor Design Build team can help.

Colorado Modern Industrial Design

We’ll take care of all the modern industrial design work for your Colorado home so you can focus on the fun aspects – like choosing items for your new industrial collections! If you’d like to explore the possibilities of modern industrial design Factor can create a custom design that’s uniquely yours.

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