Design Guide: Mixing Style & Function with Modern Farmhouse Design: Modern Farmhouse Style in Colorado

Modern Farmhouse Design and Style

When you consider modern farmhouse style, extend your vision beyond the borders of an old Mason jar. The characteristics of this modern design utilize elements that incorporate clean Scandinavian lines with the earthy and organic.

Denver Home Remodeling Team Mixing Style, Function, Comfort

Modern Farmhouse Style.To achieve this unique quality of modern farmhouse style, our Denver home remodeling team integrates the sophisticated requirements of today’s homeowner with a combination of rustic comfort and industrial purpose to create a space that’s as relaxing for your family as it is welcoming for your guests.

Modern Farmhouse Style: Classic vs. Trendy vs. Luxury Farmhouse Design

Modern farmhouse design using modern farmhouse characteristics is all about blending aspects of minimalism with elements of previous eras’ styling. It’s a space that provides the respite you need from the day’s hectic pace and responsibilities without going too far into the kitschy zone of old signage, gingham fabrics, and heavy antiques.

Luxury Farmhouse Design and Interior Design. Adding luxury farmhouse design features and luxury interior design services moves the project success and impressiveness up a notch for desirability and for comfort features taking full advantage of the modern farmhouse theme.

The appeal of classic styling and the classic farm design concept is that it’s unpretentious yet sleek. The touchstone of simple farmhouse design and for farmhouse living is practicality and simplicity, and that’s the basis of a design that offers longevity and timeless appeal.

The Factor Design Build modern farmhouse designers start with quality basics and adds pieces that represent who you are; it carries a style that extends beyond simple trends. The key to this acreage of farmhouse attributes is that it’s an evolving rather than fleeting concept.

Residential Architects for Design-Build Projects. Factor’s contemporary design build Boulder design services and architectural design plans from our Colorado residential architects staff incorporate tradition while extending a hand to incorporate and integrate modern design features with classic elegance and style.

➢ Factor Also Does Mid-Century Modern Remodeling and Design and Style Renovations.

Our Design Build Boulder, CO Team Designs and Builds Farmhouse Dream homes!

Classic Modern Farmhouse Design in Denver & Boulder, Colorado

Classic Style Combines Function and Comfort

  • Durable Materials: Materials such as hemp, linen, and wood symbolize the natural essence of a farmhouse’s durability. Our design team contrasts traditional resources with industrial elements such as repurposed metal fixtures to create appealing resilience.
  • Openness: The organic nature of farmhouse interior design creates a harmonious flow from the outdoors in. We begin with a cream or white base palette that generates a subtle brightness to balance the natural light.
  • Family Space: A large, open space with plenty of room for the family is a guiding principle of modern farmhouse design. Even when your area is limited, Factor Design Build scales down pieces to create the same effect. It’s a comfortable place that’s welcoming and open.

Luxury Farmhouse Design Contractors

Remain True to Natural Sophistication With Modern Farmhouse Builds

Whether you want to complete an entire home remodel, or you’re dipping your toes into a more streamlined style one room at a time with modern farmhouse builds projects, our full-service design team follows the basic tenets of modern farmhouse style. We achieve balance throughout by blending natural materials and neutral tones to create an authentic sense of warmth.

In the Farmhouse Design Kitchen

  • The imperfections of raw wood create a sense of uniqueness and balance that can only be found in nature or with farmhouse kitchen remodeling.
  • Cotton and other natural fibers lend themselves to a non-fussy warmth and hospitality.
  • Factor Design Build incorporates polished or brushed metals with faucets, cabinet hardware, and lighting fixtures ties in the utility of a farm’s machinery.
  • We highlight the space’s natural light with exposed Edison bulbs or create pendant lighting with repurposed glass bottles. They add an authentic feel that’s punctuated with a modern twist.
  • Shiplap is reminiscent of an old barn or stately home’s exterior, which is what makes it such a versatile addition to a modern farmhouse kitchen. We can paint it white, or any other color you want to add texture to the space.

In Living Spaces Decorating and Interior Design Touches

  • Natural fibers continue into the living spaces of your home. It’s all about comfort and practicality. Our touches may include decorating with a sophisticated leather couch that’s accentuated with comfortable cotton upholstered accent chairs.
  • We might suggest adding a modern design statement with a plush, high-pile rug that ties the room together. Our purpose is to choose one that draws you to its surface with an eye for relaxation.
  • Finishing touches accentuate and layer the style and design with a throw and accent pillows.

Colorado Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Keep A Neutral Colorado Farmhouse Kitchen Design

  • Far from boring, white provides an understated neutral base on which to build your color spectrum.
  • We build up with neutral shades of tans, grays, or browns.
  • Our team coordinates with our clients to decide on palette choice and how best to accentuate with a bright pop of color to highlight and add interest to the space. Perhaps an heirloom vase or the fresh flowers in it create a vivid detail.

Maintain a Simple and Sophisticated Décor With Repurposed or Reclaimed Wood Materials

  • The neutral tone continues with the rest of your décor. We balance the basics with simple patterns. Whether we add a throw or pillows, the theme remains understated and neutral.
  • We continue the raw wood element throughout your home by using repurposed wood or reclaimed wood materials on the walls or ceilings to create interest and balance the color palette.
  • The focus is to allow your personality to shine in this unique space we’ve created by adding family antiques, photographs, and keepsakes.

Modern Farmhouse Style

We’ll Create A Comfortable Modern Farmhouse Style Easy To Live In

  • Modern farmhouse style focuses on every aspect of the design to create a comfortable space that’s as welcoming as it is tastefully appointed.
  • The focus is on enjoying the company of others and the open airiness that lends itself to gatherings.


Exterior Spaces and Outdoor Living Space Designers

Modern farmhouse style balances space and warmth, traditional with modern, and the outdoors with interior design and outdoor living space design enhancements. The exterior space is an extension of your indoor living area. You may enjoy communing with nature on your wrap-around porch three seasons a year, while it becomes a picture perfect scene during the coldest months.

Colorado Outdoor Living Space Builders and Architects

Whatever you’ve envisioned, our carpenters, outdoor living spaces designer team, and highly-experienced full-time employees can create a modern farmhouse of your dreams. We provide a full-service team of talented professionals that can take you from concept through the construction of your high-end project. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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