Meet Your Home Renovation Designers

The designers at Factor Design Build are an integral part of our team. These amazing individuals allow us to craft world-class spaces in your home without having to coordinate multiple contractors. With a combined experience of over two decades, our designers know how to take your daydream and create a reality that combines artistic form, contemporary convenience, and modern day-practicality.

When you choose to work with Factor Design Build, the first part of your experience will be with our design team. Because you’ll be spending some time with them, we thought we should have you get to know them and understand what makes them tick.

Factor Design Build team member Robin Bryant talks interior redesign
Robin Bryant
Sr. Project Designer

Factor Design Build Team member Brianna McCaffrey talks about interior design.
Brianna McCaffrey

Jenny Murphy
Interior Designer

How did you get involved with a career in design/What is your background?

ROBIN: From a young age, I always loved design. I would spend hours looking at design magazines and drawing my own floor plans on graph paper. I was equally drawn to art as well as math, which makes architectural design a perfect fit.

BRIANNA: I remember from a very young age tearing out pages in home magazines and creating “mood boards” for my dream home. I then went on to take a few interior design classes in high school, which made me realize interior design was the career I wanted to pursue. I have a background in home staging, model home merchandising and residential design.

JENNY: I was the kid moving the furniture around in my room every week, space planning and building mud forts outside, and letting my dogs eat my Barbies because I was only concerned about decorating their house. Looking back on it, I have enjoyed designing space since I was a young child then in my early teen years ‘Trading Spaces’ aired and I realized it could become a career path. I followed that passion and attended Colorado State University to get my degree in Interior Design and I have been working in Design/Build ever since graduation.

What’s the best part about working with Factor?

ROBIN: The people! Not only do we have great clients with inspired vision, but every team member is committed to the successful outcome of every project.

BRIANNA: The culture and people. I really enjoy coming to work and being surrounded by such hardworking people who are committed and take such pride in what they do. The atmosphere is fun but still very professional. Very proud to be part of such a talented team!

JENNY: The people/culture. Love the Factor Fam!

What’s the most beneficial aspect of working on a Design-Build team?

ROBIN: I feel we have more synergy than a typical architect/contractor relationship. I see the project managers a couple times a week, if not every day. We are always checking in with each other to see how the active jobs are going and if they need any design support.

BRIANNA: The communication. Being able to communicate with our Project managers daily ensures collaborative design, a more enjoyable experience for our clients and helps speed up the whole process which improves the project schedule.

JENNY: Communication and coordination – Everyone is on the same team, all working towards a common goal so we have a ton of open communication which makes coordinating all aspects of the design and construction process much smoother.

What is your favorite project Factor has done thus far?

BRIANNA: Cheesman Park
JENNY Cherry Hills Village

A recently remodeled interior in Denver's Cheesman Park neighborhood by Factor Design Build

Cheesman ParkA recently renovated home interior in Denver's Cherry Hills neighborhood by Factor Design Build

Cherry Hills Village

Do you have a specialty or favorite part of the design process you like to work on?

ROBIN: While I enjoy discovering the initial space plan and flow of a home, I really love designing compelling exteriors to increase curb appeal. The process is typically more creative and artistic, and the resulting sketch gives an instant impression of the finished home.

BRIANNA: My favorite part is when we get into selecting finishes. There are so many beautiful options out there it can be hard to narrow things down, but once you and your client land on a vision and it comes to life that is the most rewarding part of the process.

JENNY: I love when we get to create something fully custom/authentic/unique…something that takes a lot of creativity and coordination between the design team and construction team to accomplish. It makes it that much more gratifying when we pull it off!

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