Meet the Carpenters: Aaron & Richard

tools hanging on a wooden wall

Our dedicated team members are the most valuable asset we have at Factor. Carpenters and the rest of our construction team are vital to the design build process because they actually execute the work. They have a hands-on approach and get to see every stage of the project come to life. Get to know two of our carpenters – Aaron Backhus & Richard Begando.

How did you get involved with a career in carpentry?



Aaron: I had been working in an office for 10+ years and it was time for a much-needed change. I was out of shape and I didn’t feel any self-worth in the business I was in. My Father is a carpenter and I love working with my hands. Plus, building something that someone will be able to enjoy for years is very rewarding.




Richard: Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed messing around in my dad’s woodshop and making small things like birdhouses, boxes, and such. As I got older, I developed my woodworking skills and eventually started a custom wood furniture company while I was in college. After a few years, the opportunity to be a carpenter with Factor came up and gave me the chance to move out to Denver from Georgia, and by golly you know I had to take that up!


What’s the best part about working with Factor?


Aaron: I love who I work with, it’s great to have such awesome people to work with and learn from everyday.


Richard: Our team here at Factor is full of some of the most genuine, passionate, devoted, and hilarious people I’ve experienced in my life. Every day we challenge each other to be better than the day before and truly put our heart and soul into our work.



What’s the most beneficial aspect of working on a Design-Build team?

Aaron: As a carpenter, I get to see the whole project in the field. From start to finish.


Richard: By far the most rewarding aspect of the whole process is just the fact that you can see first-hand the entire life cycle of a project. From the initial walkthrough to completion, it’s incredible to witness what our team can produce when we all work together.

What’s your most used tool?


Aaron: Tape measure


Richard: The almighty pencil! But it can’t be just any pencil… it’s always the trusty #2 PaperMate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencil with .07 lead. Anything else is just a waste!


What’s the most unique project you’ve worked on?


Aaron: Kramish. The trim work and framing the vaulted ceiling was challenging but also fun.


Richard: All of the projects that I’ve worked on are unique, and that’s just the beauty of custom home construction. Every client we work with has a specific style and taste that they like to stick to, which makes our work, from both the design and production teams, even more interesting and exciting!





Do you have a specialty or favorite part of the design process you like to work on?


Aaron: While I haven’t done a whole lot with the design aspect but my favorite part is always Framing. Being able to create the walls and the structure from the beginning has always been appealing. Taking an open space and building the backbone to the whole project is awesome.


Richard: With my background being in custom furniture, my favorite part of the build process is the trim/cabinetry stage. This is the stage where the project finally comes together and it starts to look like a completely finished home. It is always so cool to see a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom come to life when it gets its cabinets and finish trim work and is almost ready for its new residents!


At Factor, we are proud of the work we do and that’s because our teams have the ability to work together flawlessly. The design-build process means that our carpenters offer their expertise from the beginning to truly bring plans and designs life. They live by our core values and are persistent, genuine, balanced, humble and fun.




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