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If your going to remodel a Colorado home because it is starting to feel too small or if the layout doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore, you may start considering a home remodel starting with a local 5-Star Colorado renovation contractor.

Remodeling your home is a big decision and there are a variety of considerations to consider before taking the leap. Here is a guide of questions to ask yourself to help decide if a remodel is right for your house and your family.

What Is Your Home Missing Before Starting Your Colorado Home Remodeling Project?

Sometimes making changes like reorganizing features or minor remodeling updates are not enough to make a space more functional for your family. When your home is just too small, it has become too difficult to make it functional, or life changes require more room, it may be time to consider a home remodel. Consider what your home is truly lacking and what types of changes are necessary to create a more optimized space.

➢ Home expansion projects include adding additional bathrooms remodeling, or finishing a basement or adding a second story.

Adding bedrooms or rearranging living spaces are larger projects that may require structural changes to your home. Kitchen remodels that require major layout and storage changes can be large undertakings. The type of space your home needs is a large consideration to make sure that a remodel will solve the what your home is missing.

Should Your Remodel Extend Up or Out – Add a Second Story or Larger Home Footprint?

Once you’ve recognized what your family needs in a home remodel and expansion, it’s time to consider if you should expand up or out. Sometimes, building horizontally and extending your home’s footprint isn’t functional or feasible, due to legalities, space, etc. When this happens, it may be more suitable to extend your square footage and build up instead.

Adding a second story increases space without taking up any more of your lot space. It’s important to consider what type of remodel is suitable for your home when planning major changes.

What’s Legal for Your Colorado Design-Build Remodel?

Home construction and architectural plans for your home remodel considerations may not come to fruition if you do not take the time first to understand the legalities of your town, city, neighborhood, homeowners association, or local community.

Making changes to the footprint or exterior of your home can require special permitting and this can be a huge obstacle in making updates. For example, if you are a member of an HOA, changes my require prior approval or there are limitations on changes you can make to historic homes. It is important to entrust someone knowledgeable who knows the rules and regulations in your area and can help navigate the approval processes.

A true design-build contractor like Factor takes care of all the details of permitting and legal zoning regulations and permits.

How Far Can Your Budget Take You? Fixed Cost Pricing Design-Build Is The Answer

If you’re considering a larger home remodel, you may have also considered simply moving to a new house. Sometimes, moving might seem more convenient than dealing with a home remodel but generally, a remodel can be more cost effective in the end. Not only does a remodel keep you in the home you have developed sentimental value with, but it can increase the home’s value and earn you your money back. In addition, depending on the value of comparable homes in your neighborhood and real estate and closing costs, moving may actually be more expensive.

Should a Remodel Be Your Top Priority Or Fixing Home Foundational Elements?

Your home’s bones need to be in good standing if you are thinking of beginning a home remodel. Things like your roof, foundation, HVAC systems, and electrical systems must be in working order.

These key components, especially for an older Denver historical home remodel, are essential and should always be the top priority. It’s important to have a strong foundation because you don’t want to have to re-do or repair any remodel work after the fact. If you are unsure of your home’s overall condition, you should consult the advice and knowledge of a professional.

Does a Home Remodel Suit Your Schedule?

You may want to begin a home remodel right away, but that doesn’t mean it is the best time to do so. Remodels can vary in length and can be quite extensive so planning ahead is necessary step. If timing is a priority because you are expecting a baby or if winter temperatures are a consideration, advanced planning and scheduling should be a top priority. It is important to understand the extent of your remodel and provide an adequate amount of time for the work to be done correctly. Depending on your situation, it may be best to consider a home remodel at a different time.

What Are the Long-Term Possibilities for Colorado Luxury Home Remodeling?

Remodeling your home to suit your tastes is not only emotional, but it’s also functional to you and your family’s lifestyle. Adding square footage, for example, can increase your home’s resale value and its appeal to potential buyers. Going from 1 bathroom to 2, or giving the home a much-larger kitchen can allow you to live in it for many years to come.  Remodeling your home comes with long-term advantages so thinking through that value is an important step in considering and planning a remodel for the short term.

If you’ve thought about all of these home-remodel considerations and you’re ready to give your home some extra space, contact Factor for Colorado Luxury Home Remodeling.

Factor helps you turn your house into a luxury home that you’ll be happy with for years to come.


Ready to invest in your home and yourself? Let’s discuss your next luxury design-build project.



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