Inside the NCIDQ with Christine Puskar

If you’re versed in the Interior Design world, you may have heard of the NCIDQ, or the “National Committee of Interior Design Qualification”. As an Interior Designer, accomplishing this qualification comes in a series of three parts, and officiates your professional status as a designer. Similar to an architect obtaining their NCARB (“National Council of Architectural Registration Boards”), this qualification is no small feat! We are excited, proud, and honored to congratulate our Designer Christine Puskar for her accomplishment of the NCIDQ! Christine is now our third NCIDQ Designer, alongside her colleagues Robin Bryant and Lindsay Weist.



Puskar has been working on this qualification ever since she graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019. As this Qualification comes in the form of three separate tests, Puskar started studying for each up to 5 months in advance, and confided that the hardest part of the test was staying clear – minded amidst the dense breadth of information contained. Covering topics across Building Systems, Codes, Construction Standards, Construction Admin, Design Application, Professional Practice, and Project Coordination, this Qualification ensures that the Designer is more than ready to take full responsibility for the design process and product. As Puskar states, “The most exciting part of obtaining this qualification is the liberty to submit my own interior design plans without the signature of another NCIDQ Designer. Now, it’s just my signature on the plans!”. Considering the density of the NCIDQ Test, it’s safe to say that Puskar is fully prepared to place her signature on Design Plans and lean into this exciting new chapter marked by novel responsibility as well as creative liberty.



Puskar explains that “As a younger designer, the most exciting part of the process is still seeing the end result.” She describes how every project really does resemble magic – watching the intangible become tangible, and witnessing ideas manifest into results that the Factor Design Build Team can be sincerely proud of. Her favorite part of this manifestation process is selecting materials; “…it’s where you really start to see a project come to life, and not to mention see clients get excited in the realization that huge strides forward are being made.” 


Christine Puskar and the FDB Interior Designer Team have created some stand-out projects this year. Each space is curated with uniqueness to the client’s taste, all the while informed by the expertise of a Professional Design team. Check out some of their admirable work on our Website!


Warmest Congratulations to Christine, and the entire Factor Design Build family in this exciting accomplishment. Let’s keep up the good work! 



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