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Dahlia St. is catching eyes…

Since the start of the Dahlia St Project, we knew it was going to be something special. Not only was it clear that these clients had an incredible eye for design and refined taste, but were also exceptionally fun to work with! Their “can-do” attitude and collaboration on this project co-created a finished product that we are proud of and excited to share!

The Dahlia St. Project has now reached completion and we’re excited to share the progressing photography and videography with you as new assets publish. We had the lovely opportunity to collaborate with Beth Armijo Interiors, Natalie Warandy Styling, and Kimberly Gavin Photography to create, wrapped up, and tie a bow on this breathtaking project! To experience the scope of the this project’s transformation, let’s start with a walk through the original inspiration, intention, and vision…

Kimberly Gavin Photography

Kimberly Gavin Photography

Dahlia St.

The Intention and Vision

The intention behind Dahlia St. was always to modernize the space into a more open-concept, clean, seamless design. The original bones of the space made for a great structural blueprint, and we knew they would make for an excellent guide in the redesign process. These structural bones allowed for general parameters for the redesign, though they did not prevent us from a drastic, sweeping, full home remodel.

“The Dahlia St. Project really focussed on creating a cleaner, crisper, more refined and modernized interior feel throughout the whole space, though perhaps most notably the Kitchen and Primary Suite. These areas really transformed and came out beautifully.”

Christine Puskar, Interior Designer

These clients were brave enough to try a blue-grey hue marine quartzite countertop in the kitchen that ended up being a favorite piece of the overall design.

Kimberly Gavin Photography

“Proposing this blue marine quartzite felt like a relatively risky decision, and I was so overjoyed when these clients loved and trusted the idea and moved forward with it in the design plans. It is so fun when you get to try something a little bit out of the box with clients that trust in your co-created vision!”

Christine Puskar, Interior Designer

Dahlia St. Houzz TV

Take a sneak peak at some of our Behind the Scenes content with Houzz TV!

Kimberly Gavin Photography

When Houzz TV reached out to us in inquiry of featuring the Dahlia St. project, we were overjoyed to show off this elegant, modern remodel. We had the opportunity to have the Houzz TV Team onsite, and shoot some videography content of the project and conduct interviews with our lead designer, Robin Bryant. Reference the photos below for some behind the scenes content of the shoot!

Thank you to Kimberly Gavin for the incredible Project Photography, Beth Armijo for her keen furniture selection & Design, Natalie Warandy for her lovely staging, and Houzz TV for their recognition of this breathtaking project!

We can’t wait to share this Houzz TV Special after release, so stay tuned into our Newsletter and Socials for updates.

Factor Projects – Dahlia St.

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