Family-Friendly Finishes to Consider for Your Next Home Renovation

Thinking of giving your home a revamp but clueless on where to start? If yes, then you’re in good company. Whether the reason behind the renovation is a baby on the way or you simply want to breathe new life into your space, these family-friendly finishes are a great starting point. Ready to get started? Let’s Talk!

Having a list of ideas when getting ready to handle a home renovation project is the thin line between a seamless and a tedious project. That said, outlined below are excellent family friendly finishes suitable for both when the kids are at home and back to school.

Add These to Your Kitchen

    • Quartz Countertops

Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. Therefore, you should strive to create one that’s both aesthetically pleasing and at the same time functional. One way to do so is by adding quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are a good idea as they tend to add a luxurious feel to the space and are at the same time incredibly durable. Additionally, if you have kids, you need not worry about spills or any other messes they may make as quartz countertops are also stain-resistant.

    • Composite Sinks

Ditch your average stainless steel sink for a composite one. Composite is particularly a good idea as they are durable and don’t show water marks or scratches. At the same time, they’re available in an array of colors and designs so they add to the visual appeal of your kitchen.

    • Ceramic Tiles

Bring a little nature into your kitchen by using a concrete beige ceramic tile. It boasts great durability which is what you need for a high traffic area like the kitchen and when you have children as tiles cannot be easily damaged by toys or rough play. Ceramic tiles are also perfect for a home with kids as they are easy to clean. So you need not panic if your kids come into the kitchen with muddy boots or when they spill their favorite beverages.

Choosing family-friendly appliances is important in luxury home remodels

Use the Following on Floors and Walls

    • Eggshell Finish

An eggshell finish boasts excellent resistance to stains. It also reflects light making the room look brighter. This makes it ideal for floors and walls of rooms with high traffic such as the kitchen and the bathroom and also a home with kid(s) as anything they write on the wall or messes they make on the floor only need to be wiped and it’ll look good as new for a long time.

    • Carpet Tiles

Create a contemporary space by using carpet tiles. They are not only a modern and stylish alternative to traditional carpet rolls but are also versatile and are available in a virtually unlimited selection of patterns and hues.
In comparison to traditional carpets, these are easily washable so you don’t need to worry about food and drink spills or any other messes made by your mini-me.

    • Washable Area Rugs

An area rug or a woven floor mat seamlessly blends together a room’s color scheme or theme adding a layer or warmth to it. It also enables you to incorporate your personality into your space giving it a homely feel. However, a washable area rug or a Chilewichi woven floor mat also plays a functional role as it helps with noise reduction and makes the space more comfy. Being washable also makes them perfect for a family with kids as you need not stress about ugly stains caused by food and beverage spillage or messes resulting from potty training accidents.

Family-friendly fabrics can add warmth to an upper-end renovation

Incorporate the Following Fabrics

    • Sunbrella

Sunbrella is a household name in the world of interior and exterior designs for its exceptionally durable and fade-resistant fabrics. Transform your home into a cozy haven by choosing a fabric that blends in with the rest of your décor and adds color to your space from Sunbrella’s gorgeous and color-rich fabric selection.

    • Perrenials

Add a touch of luxury and comfort to your space by using perennial fabrics. Whether it’s an area rug, a pillow or a carpet, Perennials are famed for having some of the most family friendly fabrics. They are stain resistant and at the same time, easy to wash, hence ideal if you have kids.


Incorporating the above finishes into your renovation project is enough to turn your home into a small slice of heaven for you and your lovely family. However, they can only become a reality if you work with the right team. Thus, having a skilled team that you can trust to work on your home should be your top priority when selecting family friendly materials for your home.

Fortunately, you don’t need to look further. At Factor, your satisfaction is our priority. Our team of skilled architects and designers work hand in hand with you, paying attention to details to ensure the process is smooth sailing and the results are just as you had envisioned. Schedule time with us to learn more!


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