Factor Office Remodel

The inside scoop on the beautiful Factor Office space

When designing the Factor Office space, our vision and intention was to create an environment that our team would genuinely want to spend time in. We structured the space to enhance collaboration and engagement, while also providing spaces of privacy and refuge for team members. Made complete with a full kitchen, living room, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, materials library, and individual offices, the office feels like home. A space that is beautifully crafted in style and design, while also serving specific and intentional purposes, the Factor office is a place where our team can feel comfortable, cared for, and supported spending their weekdays.

The Factor office is not a place where team members eat a packed lunch alone at their desk. We created a space where the team can enjoy family style lunches & gatherings in the living room and kitchen, not to mention grab the occasional beer out of the company fridge at Team Meetings. You’ll also notice a hanging Disco Ball for Factor Parties, and a handful of dog beds and chew toys dispersed throughout the upstairs and downstairs spaces…that’s intentional. Elegant in design, the Factor Office doubles as an excellent showroom for our clients to get a feel for the integrity and parr of work we do.

Factor is a family. We found it more than worthwhile to create an office space that could support and enhance this existing company culture and dynamic.

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