Employee Spotlight: PJ Landry, Project Manager

Meet PJ Landry, Project Manager

Factor Design Build is unique in a number of ways. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: the people. Every member of the Factor team shares a passion for creating inspired spaces that improve people’s lives. 

Meet PJ Landry, a project manager for Factor Design Build. As a project manager, PJ appreciates taking the time to ensure the construction process is as streamlined as possible for our clients while providing the highest quality product we can produce. We sat down with PJ to learn more… 

PJ Landry, project manager at Factor Design Build shares a passion for creating inspired spaces that improve people’s lives. What attracted you to Factor Design Build?

“After studying Architecture at the University of Colorado and spending the entirety of my vocational career in some form of construction, managing a variety of projects from residential remodels to airplane hangers and car dealerships, and hotel remodels.  I found an opportunity to blend the two disciplines with Factor.  

I appreciate the opportunity to help procure the design intention of our architects and designers through the attention to detail through the construction process.  I felt Factor offered a great opportunity to further my career development as a Project Manager.”

Is there a part of your role as a project manager that is your favorite?

“One of my most favorite parts of my role as a project manager is the client interaction; assisting in the process of a vision, a dream, an opportunity becoming a reality, something physical and real drives me. Helping our clients along this process is very rewarding and their involvement confirms they are getting the product they desire.  In construction, there are always variables, and unforeseen situations, I pride myself in making sure the end goal is ultimately met, and the interaction with our client is the most direct and efficient way to accomplish this.”

Do you have a favorite section of projects to work on?

“As a student of architecture and design, I sincerely appreciate material and connection.  Again being on the implementation side of this equation is very interesting, but I have always been interested in connecting material, strength and aesthetic aspects of various materials.”

Will you share some advice for people looking to start a remodel process?

“When approaching this situation it is always important to understand your ultimate goal, whether it is abstract or incredibly finite.  If you aren’t sure, ask questions.  Ask questions!  You would be surprised how many resources are available to you just by asking.  A lot of clients have a hard time getting an idea from their heads onto paper, and from paper into three-dimensional space.  Secondly, prepare for the unknown:  This is the hardest part of attacking a remodel project.  

There are a lot of variables, some good, some bad, some unforeseen.  These variables can be instrumental in the charactural development of your specific project.  Finally, this should be an enjoyable experience, make sure it is!”

What is your favorite travel destination? 

“My favorite travel destination is “the next place.”  I thoroughly enjoy experiencing new places, but if I could go back to one place it would be Patagonia.  As a hiking, camping enthusiast, I would love to take the opportunity to backpack throughout the incredibly beautiful landscape.  

Ultimately, I would just prefer to be in our own mountains with my wife, dogs, and our newest little one.”

What is your favorite movie?

“My favorite movie is without a doubt, Man on Fire.  It is symbolic in so many ways.  The greatest aspect, it can be seen from so many different perspectives.”  



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