Why Your Designer Should Be On The Same Team As Your Contractor: Designer Contractor

Have Your Designer And Your Contractor on the Same Team? Designer, Contractor, Architect, or All-In-One

If you have friends, family members, or neighbors who have gone through a home remodeling project, you may have heard a few horror stories when not hiring a Colorado Designer Contractor like Factor. Or maybe you were working with a previous interior designer and contractor and the project ended early because of construction or design issues.

Factor Design Build is an authentic home designer and contractor that provides architectural consulting that delivers a more successful model when it comes to home additions, kitchen remodels, and even building a new home from scratch. New home builds are especially critical to hire a single experienced professional home designer so clients can work with a single team for accountability and responsibility.

Our local Colorado team of designers and builders work together to ensure the design is something that can actually be created and we’re all on board with the design from day one. Here is why we have so much success with the design build process.


Designers Know What Looks Best

When you’ve decided you want to do a home remodel or build a home addition, you are probably at a point where you realize your home isn’t meeting your needs. Either it’s outdated or not large and open enough to entertain or support the size of your family.

If you’re hiring a designer for remodel projects, consider the right solution to turn your remodel dreams into reality without expensive delays and finger pointing from contracting with multiple building trades contractors. Designers are professionals, with the education and experience needed to make the right decisions for their clients. They are able to point you in the right direction when it comes to contemporary design and layout. They can help you pick finishes that go together, find the perfect space for built-in storage, and move rooms and walls in a way that has a good flow and is structurally sound. Perhaps they’ll have ideas you wouldn’t have thought of, like moving a room to the other side of the house to get more sun exposure.

Our Denver remodeling contractors team includes experienced full-time employees with years of experience in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado market for luxury remodels and renovations.


Executing With A Designer Contractor

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Can your design be brought to life? When working with a design build firm the designer, architect, contractors, construction team, designer contract agreement team, and carpenters work together from the start of the project. You’ll never run into the nightmare of discovering your design isn’t feasible—like that it requires moving utilities and load-bearing walls that will significantly inflate the cost. Because the contractors are on-site for the initial walk-through and inspection, there are no surprises later in the project.

➢ Plus, the carpenters can provide feedback on best building materials to use for the design.

When it comes to the construction team, they are on the same page with the designer which you don’t necessarily get if your designer and contractor don’t work together regularly. They are able to alert the designer of structural or utility features that won’t be able to be changed. The carpenters know the entire vision as well so the final product is sure to be what was presented at the start of the project.

What Makes Factor Design Build Special

Having your designer, contractor and project manager all on the same team is exactly what makes Design Build projects run smoother and create a better finished product. But what makes Factor Denver’s best option for Design Build homes is our 30 years of experience, award winning designs, and the fixed cost pricing and home construction model.

If you are considering a home remodel or home addition, you need a design build firm for the best design and construction. Factor has you covered 100%!


Ready to invest in your home and yourself? Let’s discuss your next luxury design-build project.



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