Design Tips for Bathrooms of Every Size: Denver, Boulder, CO Bathroom Design Build Tips

From Small Powder Room to Luxurious Master Bath: Bathroom Design Tips for Every Bathroom in Your Home

Depending on when your home was built, if you’ve remodeled, or the layout of your house, bathroom sizes can vary wildly. But whether you’re looking to maximize space, create openness, or capture the feeling of a luxurious spa, these expert design tips from bathroom remodeling contractors make your bathroom beautiful and functional, whatever its size – for either large or small bathroom design-build remodels.

3/4 Bathroom Design Tips for Designing Your Bathroom in the Boulder, Denver, CO Area

Generally a 3/4 bath is used by house guests or your kids. But because of its size, fitting storage (and style) with the essentials means creative use of space is a must for the best bathroom design ideas. Here are a few bathroom design tips to make your small bathroom appear bigger and function more efficiently.

  • Think Vertical. Add shelving or a cabinet over the toilet or install built-in shelves for a great bathroom design that look like they are part of the wall.
  • Skip the Large Vanity. Try a space-saving pedestal for one of the best bathroom designer tips, or try a floating sink. Even though this will eliminate some storage, it frees up floor space and helps the room feel more open. You don’t necessarily need expensive bathroom tips from interior designers to create and design the best bathroom remodel.
  • Tap in To the Power Of a Mirror. If your bathroom layout allows, place a large mirror above the sink for one of our most functional Denver bathroom remodeling tips to make things more interesting and functional.
  • Trade in Your Shower Curtain For A Clear Glass Door. Bathroom shower curtains and frosted glass add an extra “wall” making the room appear smaller.
  • Bathroom Design Colors Matter. Go with a white-on-white or tone-on-tone palette of light shades such as soft gray, pale blue, or beige. And don’t forget the floors! To open the room, match your tile to the walls and ceiling.

Bathroom Galley Tips

Since renovating a bathroom in Colorado using the best remodel ideas where there are galley bathrooms that are long and narrow, they often take on a confined, hallway feel. These Denver and Boulder, CO area bathroom design-build tips will help you visually open your space.

  • Take into account many of the tips for small bathrooms, such as utilizing the vertical space, a clear shower door, and light wall colors.
  • Choose a side. Place all fixtures against one wall to create space both visually and physically.
  • Utilize the storage of a long vanity that spans nearly one side of the room and tuck the toilet between the end and the back wall or bathtub.
  • The bigger the mirror the better. Place a large mirror or oversized medicine cabinets the length of an entire wall or vanity.
  • Visually add width to the room by using long, narrow, oversized tiles set in a staggered pattern that run opposite the direction of the walls.

Factor Desgn Build bathroom renovation ideas

Full Bath Bathroom Design and Remodeling Tips for Large or Small Bathrooms

A full bath is the most popular bathroom design because it allows enough room for all the things you want and need, while also giving you the chance to add style and extra upgrades.

  • Take into consideration who will use this second bathroom. Your Kids? Overnight guests? Friends? By determining who, and how many, will be using this bathroom at the same time, you can better plan. For example, adding a double sink or large cabinets.
  • Since you don’t need to create illusion of more space, replace that giant wall mirror for two recessed medicine cabinets or uniquely shaped choices.
  • Trade your plain, functional vanity for a fun, furniture-style piece.
  • Consider including some personal touches like art, plants, decorative jars, and candles.
  • Add more character by choosing interesting wall colors, tile choices, and light fixtures.
  • Get organized! Use extra space for laundry control with a large, stylish basket or hamper.

Master Bathroom Design-Build Tips For Designing Your Bathroom

The most wonderful thing about designing a master bath is you can truly make a secluded, peaceful, in-home retreat — while still accommodating two people. Factor knows well how to design a bathroom remodel to suit our Colorado clients’ needs.

  • To create the master bath of your dreams, take your lifestyle and taste into consideration. Do you love little indulgences like relaxing in a hot bath? Or if a top-of-the-line shower head more your style?
  • Whether you’re drawn to a warm, relaxing ambience, or a bright and airy atmosphere, pick your color scheme based on how you prefer to unwind.
  • For even more relaxation, consider adding a tub-side fireplace or a small sitting area with a comfy chair for lounging.
  • Focus on the details: add plants, wood accents, soft curtains, adjustable lighting, and even heated floors or towel warmer for a more spa-like environment.
  • Be unique with your storage by choosing antique furniture like a repurposed bookcase or dresser.

New ideas for bathroom design in Denver and Boulder

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