The Benefits of Choosing a Full-Service Design Build Firm for Full Service Design Build Residential Construction Projects

If you’re embarking on a home remodeling journey, choosing a full-service design build firm and renovation contractor saves you time and money while eliminating the headache of coordinating multiple contracts and project logistics.

When considering your options for a full service design firm, full service architecture firm, full service design agency, full service construction company, or full service interior design firm know that there are two basic methods for building construction.

Design-Bid vs. Design-Build Construction Company

The first is the design-bid-build method which relies solely on an architect to design the remodel. After the architect’s designs are complete, the project goes out to contractors for competitive bidding. Under this high-risk method, designers and contractors are not contractually obligated to work together, leaving the burden of project delivery on homeowners.

➢ We are the design-build experts in Colorado and along the Denver, CO and Boulder, CO area front range for the full-service residential design-build process and for full-service renovation for a luxury home remodel and design.

The second, and more efficient process, is the design build method. The design build model consists of a single entity being hired to perform both design and construction under one contract. This budget-friendly method is characterized by connectivity with professionals from multiple trade backgrounds working together.

According to the Construction Industry Institute “an experienced design build team has the greatest opportunity of succeeding in achieving goals in schedule maintenance, construction speed, and intensity”.

The Factor Design Build Quality Difference

Rather than enlisting multiple separate professionals to execute your home remodel during the Denver housing shortage remodel market, choose a design build firm with all the experts you need under one roof. Factor Design Build has assembled a team that can execute all steps of your home’s remodel. On our team you’ll find architects, carpenters, interior designers, and project managers who can guide you through all phases of your remodeling process on time and on budget.

Whether you’re updating one room of your house or doing a full renovation, it’s wise to choose a team that works together as a cohesive unit in order to resolve problems and get the job done right.

Better Teamwork, Experience, and Expertise

Design build firms thrive on efficiency. With more than 30 years of combined experience in residential and commercial construction, Factor Design Build offers an integrated, end-to-end design, architecture and construction team for new construction and remodeling projects of all sizes. Easy, open and honest communication is one of the biggest benefits you’ll experience with Factor Design Build.

Save Time and Money With Fixed Cost Pricing

Remodeling is a smart investment in your quality of life as well as in the value of your home. Choosing a design build approach for your remodel will help save you both time and money with fixed cost pricing.

Design and construction projects require expert timeline managers. The design build process creates opportunities for clients to sit with a team of experts, address their questions, consider options, and come to final conclusions. The design build process at Factor Design Build is highly adaptive and responsive. With design and construction experts working and communicating as a team, we can evaluate alternative materials and methods effectively and accurately.

Communication and Collaboration in the Design Build Process

Design build firms are responsible for managing and following through on every phase of the remodeling process. Since everyone on your design build team works for the same company, you’ll see a higher level of continuity and accountability.

At the heart of Factor Design Build’s process is constant, fluid communication through every step of your remodel. Our clients praise us for delivering beautiful finished products and are pleased that they only communicate with a single company for the entirety of their project.

➢ To ensure that your final product achieves your vision, we rely on easy, open, and honest communication. This is one of the strongest pillars of the design build process.

➢ When it comes to your home remodel, it’s not just about the professionals involved, it’s about working with you to make your dream a reality.

That’s where Factor’s Colorado kitchen design team excels in full-service kitchen design teams and design-build home remodels.