Create An Outdoor Living Space To Enjoy This Season

Looking forward to spring already? Things have started to bloom, birds are chirping and the air is getting warmer. If that doesn’t make you want to get outside, nothing will. Here are some ways the team at Factor can upgrade your existing outdoor spaces so you can spend more time outside and extend your home beyond its 4 walls. Read more


5 Reasons Why Adding a Sunroom to Your Home Could Benefit You All Year

If you love spending time outside and want to incorporate more of nature’s beauty in your home, consider adding a sunroom with Factor Design Build. Every person in the home may have their own favorite parts or spots in the house, but a year-round sunroom is an area of the home that can be used and loved by all. Opportunities for function and entertainment are endless when you decide to add a sunroom into your home’s floor plan, but here are just 5 reasons why a sunroom is a solid investment. Read more