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Josh Fiester, co-founder and CEO at Factor Design Build is a design build industry expert with more than 12 years of experience managing large-scale commercial and residential projects. Recognized by Professional Remodeler’s Magazine as a member of the “Forty Under 40” award recipients, Josh Fiester was recognized for his outstanding leadership in the remodeling industry. Below you can browse all of the articles and awards Josh has been featured in over the years.

Q&A with Factor Design Build’s Josh Fiester

Modern in Denver sat down with Factor Design Build CEO, Josh Fiester, to hear what sets Factor Design Build apart from the competition.

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The 5280 Home Guide to Denver’s Renovation Scene

Josh Fiester was included in 5280’s renovation home guide, offering his recipe for renovation success.

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Professional Remodeler’s 40 Under Forty Class of 2013

Professional Remodeler included Factor Design Build CEO, Josh Fiester, in their 2013 40 Under Forty Class.

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The Face of Local Design Build

5280, Denver’s Mile High Magazine, highlights how Josh Fiester and the rest of the Factor Design Build team have managed to create a unique process that results in beautiful work.

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The 2018 Home of the Year: Traditional

Revamping this century-old Cheesman Park estate teaches a lesson: Teamwork makes the (design) dream work. See how we brought this iconic Denver home back to life and won the 2018 home of the year.

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A Fateful Family Home in Golden

See how the Factor Design Team partnered with Red Pencil Architecture to help a family in Golden turn their house into a dream home.

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A Home Rehab Project to Let the Light In

“All my experience over the years has taught me that the most important skill thing you can have is to bring someone else’s vision to reality for them,” Josh Fiester says. See how the Factor Design Build team helped these homeowners revamp their house.

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The Best Custom Home Builders & Design-Build Firms in Denver

Denver Architects recognized Factor Design Build as one of the best custom design build firms in Denver.

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Modern in Denver Fall 2019 Edition

Modern in Denver featured Factor Design Build in their Fall 2019 Edition. See how Josh Fiester and the Factor team helped overhaul a floorplan to make it cozier and more functional.

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Cherry Creek Lifestyle May Edition

Cherry Creek Lifestyle featured Factor Design Build in their May Edition. See how the team helped find the true soul of the space, meshing the home’s innate character with the tastes, goals, and lifestyles of its owners.

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Luxe Magazine March/April 2020 Colorado Edition

Luxe Magazine featured Factor Design Build in their March/April 2020 Colorado Edition. CEO, Josh Fiester, discusses a few key principles that describe the firm’s philosophy.

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Factor Feature: The Ultimate Boulder Backyard Makeover

Factor Design Build was recently featured in 5280, Denver’s Mile High Magazine. The backyard makeover helped to transform the house and the outdoor space into somewhere people would want to hang out.

“It created a nice, big space for the family and their guests to hang out in,” says Josh Fiester, Factor’s co-founder and CEO.

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Cherry Creek Lifestyle Feature Piece

Factor Design Build was recently featured in Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine. This story focuses on an amazing project we recently completed on Bellaire Street.

We are always thrilled to share our work with our community because we are proud of each project. Each project helps improve people’s lives and that is always our ultimate goal! 

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Faces of Local Design Build I 5280 Magazine

Factor Design Build was recently featured in the Faces of Denver issue of 5280 Magazine. We were excited to be listed as the Face of Local Design Build. 

We are always thrilled to share our work with our community because we are proud of each project. Each project helps improve people’s lives and that is always our ultimate goal! 

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Factor Feature: Modern in Denver

Factor Design Build was recently featured in Modern in Denver. Josh Fiester, CEO & Co-Founder, and Jenny Murphy, Designer, spoke about the recently completed Nordic Light Cherry Hills Project.

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Factor Design Build New Office Grand Opening

We recently celebrated the opening of our new office location in the Denver Metro area with family, friends, and industry partners. Take a look at the memories our friends at Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine captured. We look forward to showing you around during your next home remodel consultation soon.

Photography by Erin Miles. 


Factor Feature: Houzz on How to Care for Pets & Children during a Remodel

Remodeling can be stressful for the entire family. Houzz put together a list of 14 easy ways you can prepare your kids and pets for a home remodel project. Factor Design Build was featured for their expertise in helping families and homeowners through the design and rebuild process.

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Factor Feature: Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine

Factor Design Build was recently featured in Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine. Josh Fiester, CEO & Co-Founder, spoke about the recently completed Hilltop-Farver project.  

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Factor named 5280 Home of the Year

Modern Design combined with Traditional Features transformed this Cheesman Park estate



At Factor Design Build, one of our biggest passions is to breathe new life into an old home. And that is just what we did with a Cheeseman Park estate this last year. We were thrilled to learn that 5280 Magazine loved the completed project so much they gave us the award of 2018 Home of the Year: Traditional. Check out the feature article complete with photos.

In the highlighted project, Factor Design Build teamed up with interior designer Beth Armijo to completely renovate this 8,000 square foot estate. Built in 1912, this Italian Renaissance-style home had shockingly only housed three families in the last 100+ years. But in those years, homeowners completed a number of DIY renovations and other updates that were not consistent with the period of the home. The 5280 articles jokes,

“her third level, last updated in 1972 [was] every bit the Brady Bunch set sprung to life.”

What did we have to do to turn over 100 years worth of aging into a functional, beautiful, family-friendly space? To start, the design build team took the home mostly down to the studs. For such an old house, it had a surprisingly open layout. In fact, one living space was so large, the family even decided to split it into two areas that were more comfortable.

After reimagining the floor plan, the team brought in more light with new windows, brought in updated plumbing and electrical, and modern heating and cooling. The team updated flooring, in some cases using Italian marble for a stately look. Once many of these essentials were in place, the team had the challenge of creating finishings that matched the existing, true-to-period 

finishings. Matching these details took incredible attention to detail, and our woodworking team knocked it out of the park. They made sure original and new components matched seamlessly.

One of the most stunning features of the renovation was the addition of pocket doors that echoed the design of the original, historical windows behind them. The team commented that this was quite the feat since the custom-made doors were 1,000 pounds each and 10 feet tall. Nonetheless, the effect was beautiful. Now where there was once one overwhelming living space, there are now two cozy spaces separated by pocket doors with custom glass matching the window silhouettes. This allows the areas to be as connected or closed off as the homeowners want them to be.

Other details that stayed true to the period were the clawfoot tub in the master bath, custom radiator covers, and reuse of the existing crystal chandelier. This chandelier had previously hung in the dining room and had 10,000 crystals that needed cleaning. After each crystal was carefully cleaned and the home was completed, the design team placed the chandelier in the entryway of the house.

Interior designer, Beth Armijo, took our vision to the end with clean, modern design. She used many of the families existing pieces and adding elements that flowed from room to room. You can see more of the exquisite interior design in the photographs in the 5280 article.

For a family needing to take this well-loved and outdated home and turn it into a functional and warm space that suited everyone, a renovation from Factor was just what they needed. We are so thankful that the homeowners, and 5280 Magazine, appreciates the work and we were honored to be a part of such a significant project. If you have a renovation project that would benefit from the seamless teamwork of the Factor Design Build team, please contact us today.

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Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Features Factor’s Impactful Work on a Forever Family Home in Golden

Factor Design Build Featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

The Factor Design Build team was proudly featured in Colorado’s leading home design and interior decorating resource, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles in an article entitled, “A Fateful Family Home in Golden.” The piece highlights Factor’s expansive renovation work on a mid-century style house in Golden’s Applewood neighborhood. The homeowners decided to make the move from their well-loved spot in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood upon discovering their family would grow from four to five in the coming year.

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