Before and After Remodel: 9 Changes that Transformed this Family’s Home

Before and After Renovations – Boulder, CO and Denver, CO Region

Boulder professionals approached Factor Design Build about remodeling their North Boulder home to improve the lifestyle of their family of five. Here’s their before and after home remodel results and the resulting before and after home remodeling pictures..

North Boulder, CO Home Remodel Before and After From a Colorado Design-Build Contractor

The north Boulder, CO home residence’s overall design aesthetic was dated and tired, space in the kitchen and two upstairs bathrooms wasn’t being utilized to its fullest capacity, and poor construction of the sunroom made it an unusable space which required a Colorado design-build contractor to make recommendations and remedy the homeowner’s frustrations.

Before the Boulder Home Remodel in the Kitchen

Modern Home Renovation – Before and After Renovation Photos

The kitchen was too cramped, preventing two people from working simultaneously within the allotted space. The center island was too small, so the couple and their three daughters could not sit down to eat together, and limited drawer space was not enough to keep up with the needs of the large family. The kitchen’s constricted layout also limited access to the family’s gorgeous backyard and patio space.


Kids’ Shared Bathroom Before and After Renovation – Renovating Bathrooms

All three girls shared one bathroom. Interior dividing walls made it so the bathroom couldn’t hold two of them comfortably, let alone all of their stuff. Sometimes renovating bathrooms is the #1 priority for your Colorado home remodel.

Master Bath Resolved By Colorado Design-Build Contractors

Master Bath The master bathroom was also a constricted space. The toilet did not have its own separate room, the bathtub in the rear of the space closed off any extra functionality, and the finishes were outdated and unwelcoming. Colorado Design-build Contractors team fixed this dilemma.

Adding a Sunroom: The sunroom was too cold in winter and too hot in summer, making it an impractical space for the family to enjoy. Adding a sunroom that was better designed solved the problem.

Before and After Kitchen Remodel With New Cabinetry

Before and After Kitchen Remodel. Factor worked with the homeowners and our in-house design team to create an inspired space that fit within the family’s budget to enrich their quality of life at home. We totally redesigned the kitchen from the ground up. We added a 12-foot-long island to accommodate the whole family and installed a new wet bar.

To minimize kitchen clutter, we opened up multiple unique work spaces and added a custom walnut display wall for the kids to hang their artwork. Finally, we updated all the finishes, such as antique brass pendant lighting, customized butcher block and Ultracraft Cabinetry to match the homeowners’ taste and style.

Kids Shared Bathroom Resolved

The kids shared a bathroom. Our Bathroom remodel goal was to make the kids’ bathroom light and full of color.

  • Removed Old Bathtub: We removed the old tub and replaced it with an oversized shower, complete with plenty of nooks and storage space.
  • Omitted Interior Walls: We omitted some interior walls in order to install an oversized vanity, ensuring plenty of cabinet space so the counter could remain clutter-free. We hung a long custom-framed mirror above the vanity.
  • Installed New Tile: We selected a durable floral patterned tile that sets the tone for this fun space! Anthropologie mint-colored cabinet knobs round out the space with a welcome pop of color.

Master Bath Remodel Before and After

The master bath was adjacent to sorely underutilized office space, so we incorporated some of the excess space to make the master bath a more functional room. This required a master bath remodel. Factor added a large shared vanity and freestanding tub to allow a more comfortable space. We installed herringbone tiled floors and rift-cut oak cabinets to create a brighter and more attractive interior.

Colorado Sunroom Installation

To maximize the usability of this space, we enclosed the ceiling of the Colorado sunroom and added two new remote-controlled skylights. We also replaced all the old windows and sliding doors, making the room more energy efficient and improving the aesthetics of the space. Finally, we installed West Elm pendant lights to complement the natural light within the space.

Colorado Historic Renovation Contractors

As Colorado historic renovation contractors we’ve worked with many homeowners and institutions to preserve Colorado historic homes and return them to originality through re

modeling renovations.


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