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Remodeling your basement can be a wise investment, not only does a basement remodel positively impact the value of your home, but also the additional usable space increases your family’s overall happiness. Factor is a Denver, CO basement contractor that does complete basement finishing, remodeling, architectural planning, and designing, and offers proven basement renovation ideas.

Here are four things you need to know before launching a basement finishing project in the Denver or Boulder, CO area.

What Affects the Cost of a Basement Project?

The first question we often hear is, “How much does it cost to finish my basement”? That’s a tough question to answer because many variables will affect the cost as with any remodeling project. For instance basement finishing versus basement renovation can be two different types of home remodeling construction projects.

Size and Condition of Your Large or Small Basement

First and foremost, the size of the existing basement will affect the cost of your basement project. In many cases, a bigger basement will cost more to finish, and in some cases additional basement insulation is required. However, the condition of your basement is also a determining factor. In fact, refinishing a large basement in a newer home may be less expensive than finishing a small basement in a historic home. For example, basements in older homes may not have enough height, requiring a basement dig out whether it’s a small basement remodel or a large basement renovation.

Additional Rooms For Basement Design Considerations

Adding a bedroom can also impact the cost, requiring new framing, drywall, and egress to comply with safety codes. Your existing support beams should be assessed to ensure their location and height is sufficient to create the space you want. If not, additional costs may incur.

Basement Design From a Licensed Denver Basement Contractor

The complexity of your desired design also plays a role in the final cost. Adding a bathroom, wet bar, or kitchenette will incur additional charges for plumbing and water lines—the same holds for installing or moving laundry facilities.

Is Remodeling My Basement a Good Investment?

Increasing the space of your home in any capacity can increase the home’s value, and the basement already has a basic foundation in place. A basement remodel project typically delivers ~ 75% ROI and houses with finished basements are also more attractive to buyers.

More important than the financial benefits of the basement renovation costs is an investment in your happiness. Owners of historic homes in Denver know that extra storage capacity is highly sought after and sometimes need professional basement remodeler contractor advice. Beyond that, a basement can be transformed into just about anything your imagination desires, including:

Basement remodels in Denver and Boulder, CO, need attention to detail.

  • Home Office space
  • Learning center
  • Living space for au pair
  • Play area
  • Home gym
  • Guest room
  • Art studio
  • Craft space
  • Home theater
  • Wine cellar
  • Music studio
  • Gaming area
  • Library

How Do I Start the Process of Finishing My Basement? 

The process of finishing your basement can take several different routes. A basement remodel involves specialized knowledge and attention to details of which the average homeowner may not be aware of all the steps and safeguards included in the process to finish a basement.

These include things like framing and drywall, plumbing, and electrical work, determining the best type of ceiling, lighting, and flooring to use. Plumbing can be a crucial element if you intend to install a private bathroom in the basement. The same construction design and engineering process applies if you’re working with a kitchen remodeling contractor or if you’re remodeling a bathroom. You also want to check what heating and cooling capabilities your basement has and needs.

Other considerations include creating a safe and stylish stairwell, a safe and code approved escape route, and securing any required permits. Preventing moisture in a remodeled basement is another must. This involves adequate ventilation, breathable insulation, and exterior drainage off the roof away from your home’s foundation.

Hiring a professional for your remodel saves a lot of time and unnecessary headaches. It also ensures quality results, provided you go with a quality company, such as Factor Design Build.

Factor Design Build for Basement Finishing in Denver

Rather than doling out different aspects of the project to separate teams, the Design and Build teams at Factor Design Build work under the same roof. This ultimately makes for a smoother process.

Thanks to our expertise in whole-home renovations, the Factor Design Build team can ensure your basement remodel best suits your lifestyle. A basement remodel has a bigger impact than just the basement. We take your current living space into consideration, crafting plans designed to fit into and improve the flow of your home as well as your quality of life.

Contact the Factor Design Build basement contractor team to get started today.


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