Adding A Second Story Pop Top Addition

Adding a Second Story Home Addition or Pop Top Addition

Building upward with a custom design for a second story pop top could be your best option if you need more space. Consider a pop top if you love your home and your existing neighborhood, and really have no desire to move, but need more room. Whether your family is growing or you need a home office, sometimes adding on horizontally, isn’t possible and that’s where adding a pop-top addition could make sense for your Boulder or Denver, Colorado home.

Whether your home is fairly new, or you have an older historical home, if the foundation is solid and the structure has great bones, the designers at Factor Design Build can find the perfect solution for you. We specialize in adding second story additions or pop tops additions as Denver design build residential contractors and custom home builders in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado region.


Could a Pop Top Home Addition Work for Your Denver or Boulder Area Home?

The need for adding a second story could hinge upon many factors. It may be the lot size or location of your home on the lot. This, combined with possible foundation or structural limitations could limit outward expansion.

Maybe you have put a lot into your landscaping, love it and don’t want to lose it. Or, perhaps you simply like the idea of adding a second story for rooms with a higher view of the city or the mountains. Again, the pop top is a great answer. A pop top will tie-in seamlessly to your first story, both structurally and aesthetically, inside and out.

Considerations for a Second Story Home Addition

When it comes to custom design, the cost can be a factor, but consideration should also be given to current pricing trends for homes on the market. The cost-effectiveness of adding a pop top may far out way the cost of selling, purchasing a new home, and moving. It is money well spent, increasing the equity of your home, and enhancing the exterior elevation and curb appeal.

Our Fixed Cost Pricing model means we work within your budget.

Adding a second story could also mean moving around existing living space. You could move the first floor bedrooms upstairs – making more room for expanded living rooms and kitchen spaces.

Factor Design Build Has Experience with Various Types of Pop Top Remodels

Adding a whole new level and roof is best if a large addition is needed, and can double the size of your current home. This often entails strengthening of the foundation to maintain its integrity. This type of second story addition may require the family to have alternative living quarters during the time of major work being done.

A flat-top design works well when only a small addition is needed, say one bedroom, or office, and a bath. This can often be accommodated over a two-car garage or an existing bedroom and bath on the first floor. This could also require some additional foundation shore ups. However, while this type of addition is being done, most often you can remain living in the home.

Adding a second story is not perfect for every home, but will work well for most.

  • Our architects will analyze the structure and foundation of your home, to see if it can accommodate a second floor. She can advise whether reinforcement will be necessary.
  • Our architect will also walk you through the process of removing the current roofing, adding and building the second story, going over the rooms you wish to be added, their size, and where they can be accommodated
  • Following, plans will be made for the second-floor roofing as well as tieing in any roofing that may be left to cover the first floor home.

Creating the Best Custom Design Home Additions for Your Individual Needs

Your best remodel options are always to meet your family’s needs and to maximize your lifestyle. Only you can decide what you need now and what your future may bring. Working with the architect and designers from Factor to bring those needs to fruition is the easiest way to proceed.

With Factor Design Build’s services, we offer the architect, interior designer and architectural designers, project managers and carpentry team all in one place for home remodel, additions, second story additions and for new home builds or luxury home building as a top Denver home design and build construction company that’s accustomed to working together with Colorado homeowners for creating the home improvements they most want to experience and discover.

The entire team is onboard from the start to implement the most functional design from your own ideas. We complete work on time and on budget because we have the experience of working together to those ends. Your project manager will discuss each step of your redesign with you, and will not leave you wondering.

Home Renovation Contractors Discuss Your Second Story Pop-Top Addition

When looking to add on to your home with quality home remodeling home remodeling renovation contractors the Factor design team will sit down to listen and learn, and then discuss the process and design of a pop top remodel to meet your needs.


Ready to invest in your home and yourself? Let’s discuss your next luxury design-build project.



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