5 Tips for Social Distancing with Your Children

With the recent closures many schools, Colorado parents are feeling overwhelmed trying to remain productive with kids in the house. Social distancing with your children and staying productive may seem impossible. But there is a way to make this time useful for you and your children.

1) Make a (flexible) schedule.

You don’t want these weeks to turn into a never-ending snow day. Creating some structure and schedule will help keep your sanity. It will also help remind your kids to take some time for constructive activities. That being said, you’ll need to be somewhat forgiving on that schedule. This is a big change for you and your kids. You don’t want to set a schedule so tight that if it gets off a bit it disrupts the whole day. Do your best to add structure, but know it may get off and that’s okay!

2) Stock up – not just on toilet paper.

Amazon will still deliver to your house, so make sure you have the essentials. But also make sure you have enough supplies for homeschooling and fun activities. Here are some recommendations from the many options online:

3) Get some Vitamin D.

We are lucky to be in Colorado where it is still sunny. Get some energy out on a bike ride around the block, throwing a frisbee in the backyard, or even some inside games. Some parents are going as far as creating hopscotch boards & mazes on their floors with painters tape in their living room. Get creative and you’ve got great options inside too!

4) Stay social.

Social distancing is hard because of just that – the distance. Depending on the age of your children, they may be very worried about their social life. However, you may also be worrying about how much internet time to allow and what sites are really okay. Some Skype or Facetiming with friends and family will keep your children feeling social and in a more upbeat mood. (It’s also a good idea for you, too!)

5) Teach life lessons.

Many parents are worried their children’s education will stop when schools are closed. While doing your best of continuing lessons through some books and online courses, you can also capitalize on this opportunity by focusing on life lessons. Teach them to cook, do laundry, and so on. You may even get a helper in the kitchen before you know it!

More important than these tips, remember to stay calm and find the positive in extra family time!


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