4 Ways to Create More Privacy on a Corner Lot

Backyard exterior photo of Golden Colorado remodel

Even in a seller’s market that continues to skyrocket, buyers know what they want in a house. For some, the must-have property is a home on a spacious corner lot that can be a desired property. This can be the case for buyers who want a bigger yard for their kids and pets to play and more outdoor space for relaxing. However, there are drawbacks, including more yardwork and potentially less privacy if your lot is on a busy intersection.

If you love a spacious corner lot but want more privacy (and fewer pedestrians taking a shortcut across your yard), there are plenty of options that are much more welcoming than putting up a fence.

If you live in an area with a Homeowners Association, consult your bylaws and board to determine what landscaping and additions are acceptable within your community before starting a project. Also, make sure to notify your local natural gas provider to mark gas lines before digging.

When you’re ready to create a private oasis on your corner lot, here are four ideas to consider:

Landscaping Ideas for a Corner Lot 

Strategic landscaping design can build more privacy while also creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space that you and your family will enjoy for years. One of the first steps is deciding which focal points you want to accentuate within your side yard. You can place ornamental trees, bushes, and tall grasses to create an eye-catching design and build increased privacy from passing traffic. Another option for a unique focal point is a water feature, like a showcase fountain, koi pond, or water garden that can help reduce noise from traffic.

You can also place hedges or bushes closer to a sidewalk (instead of adjacent to your home) to block onlookers while also creating a green space. This can also be additional entertaining space in your backyard.

Plant Trees on the Perimeter of Your Corner Lot 

Adding trees to your corner lot can be a great way to increase privacy and add more greenery to your property. Consider planting trees that can grow to 10-15 feet tall for ample privacy and shade. Make sure to stagger trees to give each plant enough room to grow and create a privacy screen. Check your area’s growing zone before selecting trees, but some good trees to consider are lilacs, Japanese maples, or crepe myrtles.

Evergreens are another option to consider for year-round privacy. Douglas firs, eastern red cedar, and American arborvitae are good picks. Evergreens are usually low maintenance when planted in acidic soil that drains well and can withstand winter weather when mulch and compost are applied to retain soil moisture.

Make Use of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be another alternative that provides privacy and protects against soil erosion if your corner lot has a slope. Retaining walls can be constructed out of bricks, wood, concrete blocks, or stone that complement the materials your home is made out of. If a retaining wall doesn’t provide full privacy, you can always plant bushes or shrubs that provide additional height.

Build an Enclosed Patio

If your corner lot’s backyard isn’t as secluded as you’d like, you can incorporate additional privacy measures like an enclosed patio and create a relaxing space for you and your family. Trellises, drapery panels, a hanging screen, or a green wall can be a great way to add privacy without building a permanent structure. Foliage options to keep a patio area secluded include climbing roses, vines, or climbing flowers (jasmine, clematis) placed in potted containers. Another option is to construct a pergola with a slatted wall to create a space for entertaining, grilling, and outdoor dining.

If your property is on a corner lot, you can create a secluded oasis that you and your family will love for years to come. There are plenty of attractive options that keep passersby from being able to view your yard and allow your family to relax and enjoy your property’s outdoor space to the fullest.

Let Factor Design Build Create More Privacy on Your Corner Lot 

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