2019 Friends & Family Ski Day at Arapahoe Basin

Factor Design’s April tradition went down with the same success as it has in years past. The 2019 April addition of Factor Design’s Ski Day at Arapahoe Basin in Keystone, Colorado was a needed break and great reward for our hardworking design and production teams along with their families and friends from our community.

The slopes of Arapahoe Basin provided some rich family fun and bonding with family and friends from the community we serve. We celebrated the success of Factor Design over the last year by turning our kids (a term that can be used lightly) loose on the bunny slopes for a full day of winter fun. Two of our Factor Kids, Aiden and Ethan, along with our Senior Two of our Factor Kids, Aiden and Ethan, along with our Senior Designer, Robin celebrated birthdays during this year's outing as well.Designer, Robin celebrated birthdays during this year’s outing as well.

Along with hitting the slopes, the Factor Family enjoyed, hot dogs, burgers, plenty of snacks and cold drinks, and of course, birthday cake as well as champagne (except for the kids). Laughter among our family members was a welcome sound and smiling faces were an encouragement to all as we shared a day of fun. Our Factor Family fun was shared with a number of our clients, which we see as a great way of allowing them to be a part of our collaborative experience, respect family ties and commitments, support the community where we live and work, and celebrate the positive values of a balanced work-life.

Every quarter throughout the year, we make it a point to bring our team and their families together. Our annual April Ski Day is among the many ways we balance our work with fun. The event and others like it relate to the Core Values we adhere to at Factor Design. Our core values include:

  • Persistent. Great people always discover a solution.
  • Genuine. Being authentic and doing what’s right.
  • Balance. Encourage creativity, agility, and gracefulness while celebrating individual success.
  • Humble and Fun. Fostering empathy and respect of others while being thankful and kind.

These core values provide our carefully selected team with greater vision and passion for the work we do while encouraging higher-level teamwork between our members as well as the clients we serve. This commitment transfers to our clients through greater productivity and the highest quality service available in our region; not to mention that it contributes to a more positive, stress-free, and surprise-free, fun customer experience.

Besides enjoying a great day on the slopes, our team enjoyed an excellent Factor Dinner at the Red Mountain Grill in Dillon, Colorado where we celebrated the growth and success of our team throughout the past year. Sharing the success of the company and rewarding the great accomplishments of our individual team members is just one of the many ways that we encourage growth and creativity at Factor Design.

Taking a break from designing and building home renovation projects in the Denver-Boulder area

Allowing our clients and our community to get to know us better is important to us. Those who shared in Factor Design’s Arapahoe Basin Ski Day this past April and in years past can tell you that it is a great way to let our hair down and create stronger bonds between team members and the clients we serve. If you missed out this year, be sure to put us on your calendar for next year, or take advantage of the other events that Factor Design holds throughout the year.

If you would like to know about and be included in upcoming events, get to know our team better, or just want to be kept up-to-date on what’s going on at Factor Design Build, be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter and all future updates.



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