Why Your Designer Should Be On The Same Team As Your Contractor

Why Is It So Important To Have Your Designer And Your Contractor on the Same Team?

If you have friends, family members, or neighbors who have gone through a home remodeling project, you may have heard a few horror stories. Or maybe you were working with a previous contractor and the project ended early because of construction or design issues.  That’s why at Factor Design Build, we follow a more successful model when it comes to home additions, kitchen remodels, and even building a new home from scratch. Our team of designers and builders work together to ensure the design is something that can actually be created and we’re all on board with the design from day one. Here is why we have so much success with the design build process.

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9 Signs It’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel

Is it time to remodel or redesign your bathroom? Learn the tell-tale signs that your bathroom is no longer functional and outdated.


Are your bathroom design and features outdated? Is the space and storage no longer functional for your family’s needs? It might be time to consider some updates or even a full remodel but first you want to ensure you are making the right decisions. If you notice any of these 9 tell-tale signs, it’s time to talk to a professional.  

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Choosing the Right Design Team for Your Kitchen Remodel

Your 3-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Design Team for your Kitchen Remodel

 Not all design build firms are created equal. Selecting the right design team for your kitchen remodel requires careful consideration of your home’s flow and functionality and your family’s needs. Additionally, you need to choose a builder who is committed to working within your budget while satisfying the top items on your design wish list. Learn more from our three-step guide to choosing the right design team for your kitchen remodel.


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Observatory Park

Located in Observatory Park, this house had an unused room located in an awkward space by the kitchen. The couple had goals of turning the room into a functional adult getaway to unwind at the end of the day.

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Adding A Second Story Pop Top

When Considering an Addition to Your Home, Look Up!

Building upward with a custom design for a second story pop top could be your best option if you need more space. Consider a pop top if you love your home and your existing neighborhood, and really have no desire to move, but need more room. Whether your family is growing or you need a home office, sometimes adding on horizontally, isn’t possible.

Whether your home is fairly new, or you have an older historical home, if the foundation is solid and the structure has great bones, the designers at Factor Design Build can find the perfect solution for you. We specialize in custom home additions in the Denver area.

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