Factor named as Best Design Build Firm by Denver Architect

Showcasing Factor Design Build’s Custom Homes in Denver and Boulder

Denver Architects’ website recently featured Factor Design Build in their article titled, “The Best Design-Build Firms in Denver.” Founders Josh Fiester and Kent Simpson and their complete construction team are continually growing Factor Design Build’s portfolio of homes, remodels, and renovations in the Denver metro and Boulder areas. A full-service design-build firm serving Colorado for over 30 years, the Factor Design Build crew is comprised of architects, carpenters, contractors, interior designers, and project managers. With projects ranging from urban lofts to old-world farmhouses, the team works on both residential and commercial construction.

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Why Choose a Full-Service Design Build Firm ?


The Benefits of Choosing a Full-Service Design Build Firm

If you’re embarking on a home remodeling journey, choosing a full-service design build firm will save you time and money while eliminating the headache of coordinating multiple contracts and project logistics.

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Design Tips For Your Dream Kitchen


Choose the Right Kitchen Layout for Your Lifestyle

How do you envision life in your kitchen? Is it a multifunctional space for work, family time, and entertainment? Is it a chef’s paradise? With Factor Design Build, your dream kitchen can truly become your reality!

No matter the layout, a functional flow to fit your personal needs is a necessity. Your vision should start with the placement of your kitchen’s “work triangle.” The work triangle consists of your kitchen’s three main appliances: the sink, the refrigerator, and stove or cooktop. This is the area where the majority of the movement in your kitchen takes place and it’s most often placed away from the main traffic flow.

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5280 Features Denver’s Premier Design-Build Firm in Recent Article

Factor Design Build is Featured in Denver’s 5280 Magazine

Factor Design Build was recently featured in the iconic Denver-based 5280 Magazine in an article titled, “The 5280 Home Guide To Denver’s Renovation Scene.” Highlighting Factor Design Build co-founder and CEO Josh Fiester, the article details the nuances of a recent home renovation done in collaboration with Boulder’s Studio 119. This project is centered on the modernization and expansion of a charming 1987 Craftsman kitchen, home to a growing family of five.

As the heart of your home, kitchens are always a rewarding project and a great place to start when updating your living space. The design-build specialists at Factor Design Build offer one-stop shopping for your entire remodel project including complete design and construction services overseen by staff project managers and lead carpenters.

In this 5280 Magazine feature, Fiester provides a rundown of the highly personalized design elements that make this downtown Boulder space an ideal renovation. The renovation is one of a kind and Fiester notes that some of the smartest design moves are strategically positioned out of sight—the microwave can be found in a drawer island, outlets are located on the bottoms of raised cabinets and USB ports are tucked into top drawers, awaiting drained devices.

Driven by the homeowners’ vision, this Factor Design Build remodel features two contrasting yet complementary tile choices for the kitchen backsplash. Above the main countertop and sink area, the design team chose a dark gray Capriccio tile backsplash from Ann Sacks. The design then leads to frosted glass cabinets followed by a catch-all “drop zone” backed by white Carrara marble. Hailing from the historic quarries of northwest Tuscany, Italy, Carrara marble is world famous and enhances the appeal and resale value of any space.

The article also highlights some of the finer touches that showcase the attention to detail Factor Design Build is known for. Take, for example, the black-painted wood paneling on the seating side of the kitchen island. A stately dark contrast to the shiny white countertops, its color will help it withstand marks that future years of swinging feet will bring.

Factor Design Build is a customer focused design-build firm with over 30 years of experience in the Denver metro and Boulder areas. A full-service firm comprised of skilled contractors and inspired designers, you can trust every detail of your remodel to Factor Design Build team. Remodels aren’t always easy and at Factor Design Build we support our clients as they invest in lifestyle changes.

As passionate professionals, it’s our duty to bring you contractors, project managers, carpenters, and designers who ensure your vision is being carried out no matter what. Our collaborative, family-oriented firm is comprised of design staff, architects, construction personnel and trade partners, all working toward the same objective of creating a seamless experience. The professionals at Factor Design Build share your goals and our focus is a functional, productive partnership as we bring your vision to life.


How Do You Know When It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Your bathroom is one of the most highly trafficked, and likely overlooked, rooms in your home. The whole family uses it throughout the day and it’s not off limits to friends or guests. It’s seen and used by everyone but rarely given the attention it deserves. More than just a space for daily hygiene, it should be an environment that promotes relaxing, rejuvenating, and pampering. Take a good, hard look at your bathroom and consider these unmistakable signs that mean it’s time for a remodel.   

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