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Design Build Construction: Renovation Residential Contractor

Whole home remodeling of your house can renew your enjoyment and love for your home. At Factor Design Build in Denver, Colorado we believe in making the design-build contractors process just as positive as the outcome.

Every project we take on exhibits the artistry and quality you demand, thanks to a full, in-house team of talented and experienced professionals. Because we manage the Denver design-build process and design and build job from start to finish, from architectural and interior design to construction and design build plans, your experience will be both efficient and enjoyable for custom home build designs.

Denver Design Build Services – Architecture Consulting, Plans & Luxury Home Remodeling Design for Colorado Homes

Design Build Boulder Company

Because we handle every detail of your custom builds home designs project, there’s less room for miscommunication. Everyone is in-house on one experienced team of Design Build Boulder companies professionals, working toward the same customer-centric goal: great work that’s on budget and on time.

What’s The Full Service Design Build Process?

Fixed Cost Pricing Quote

Budgets are taken seriously at Factor Design Build. Our unique fixed-cost pricing process allows us to establish true costs up-front to avoid surprises at the end. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting in your design-build home renovations before we begin.

How We Provide Fixed Cost Pricing!

Innovative Interior Designers

You are remodeling for you, not us. We get that. So, you can trust our very talented architectural designers to brainstorm beautiful solutions for your life.

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Quality Control + Client Experience

We take extra steps to ensure your complete satisfaction. We minimize disruption to your daily life, protecting your home from dust, and maintaining open, direct communication every step.

Meet Our EXCEPTIONAL Design Build Boulder Team

Start-to-Finish Design and Construction Management.

From the initial consultation, through the design and construction phase and to the final inspection of your residential design-build dream house, the team for complete home remodel and renovations at Factor Design Build will be with you every step of the way. You’ll work with our designers to plan a layout for all types of home additions, second story additions and pop tops, new custom home building projects, and residential remodeling that fits your needs and select finishes that match your style.

Luxury New Home Custom Home Builders

Our construction managers are experienced custom home builders and are on site to execute the design to exact detail and make sure the project stays on track. When the work is done, you’ll feel satisfied knowing your renovation carries a two-year warranty.

In working with one of the top Denver design-build companies you’ll appreciate our thoughtful and streamlined renovation process which ensures your project is delivered on time, on budget and to your exact expectations.

Why Work With a Design-Build Firm Like Factor?

whole home remodeling

Design-build is the fastest growing and most popular method used to deliver construction projects, home additions in Denver, Colorado areas, Denver luxury home remodeling and renovations, and more.

Throughout Colorado (and indeed the entire United States), home and business owners are looking to design-build firms like Factor because our methodology is superior to traditional project delivery processes. Utilizing a fully in-house team, Factor Design Build is a “one stop shop” remodeling contractor.

New to the concept of the design-build process? Here’s a very brief rundown of how it works in contrast to traditional construction project delivery. The “old way” requires the homeowner to work with and manage two separate entities, the designer and the contractor. The design-build methodology requires the homeowner to work with only a single entity, where the designers and contractors work together instead of separately.

Denver home addition contractor

There’s a lot of benefit to the design-build system: the homeowner only has to deal with a single point of responsibility. Compare this process to the traditional project delivery system of bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, home additions, or complete structural remodeling and design, which all can be prone to conflict between home owner and Denver local contactors.

As an example, if something goes wrong, the designer and the contractor can simply blame one another for problems like schedule changes or budget overruns. At the end of the day, the homeowner is the one who ultimately gets hurt the most by litigation, project delivery delays, and rising costs.

YOU won’t experience the blame-games frustrations when working with Factor Design Build!

In the design-build model, the designers and contractors all operate under a single roof, working together in the in harmony from start to finish. The opportunity for blame-shifting simply doesn’t exist like with other design-build remodeling contractors; projects are completed through collaboration. The unifying nature of single-source contracting has lead the design-build project delivery system to rapidly become the construction management approach du jour in North America, and the trend shows no sign of slowing thanks to its many benefits.

Design Build Remodel Projects

The design-build approach isn’t just easier for the homeowner. It’s the most budget-conscious way to gain the benefits of upscale home remodeling without the stress and high costs of traditional construction contractors and designers working separately. View our gallery of Design Build Remodel projects and Colorado residential building and remodeling projects that were satisfactorily completed for Boulder and Denver, CO area homeowners. The design-build project delivery model we’ve mastered substantially lowers the average cost to gut and remodel a house (or just to get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of enjoying!).

We believe anyone interested in complete home remodeling will benefit from the design-build system – especially if they choose to work with us, since we humbly believe that our team at Factor has perfected the workflow of design build in Colorado.

Our Four-Phase Design-Build Process Briefly Explained

whole home renovation

Here at Factor Design Build, our team has (we certainly believe) perfected the design-build workflow in a way that not only reduces stress and cost for homeowners, but increases transparency and predictability as well. We make home design and construction into a streamlined process!

We encourage you to review our design-build process in more precise detail, but for now here’s a brief overview of how our four-phase process has simplified home remodeling in Denver for so many of our satisfied clients already:

Phase one is what we call the Design Download phase. In this context, “download” refers to our team developing a complete understanding of your goals. The goals men whether that’s ways to design and build the Denver Kitchen Remodeling project of your dreams or ways to reduce the cost to completely renovate a house. During this phase, you’ll meet with a Project Developer at your home and have a conversation about the improvements you’d like to make.

After our meeting, our team will present you with a project scope and comprehensive design and construction company cost estimate. Once we’ve discussed everything and you’re completely satisfied, we’ll sign an agreement and begin on phase two, where project design actually takes place.

home remodeling Denver

During phase two, the project design phase, our designers and architects set to work on making your dream a reality—on paper, for now. Our team will work with you to fully conceptualize the finished home renovation. Once completed, we’ll have another meeting at our office where our team will proudly present our initial designs for your approval. You’ll participate in the finish selections for options like flooring, trim and millwork, cabinetry and counter tops, and more.

Once complete, we can enter phase three together—the construction phase. This is where the real fun begins, because you’ll watch your concept and real-world design start to come together. Our team has been trained to impose as little impact on your daily life as possible, so you are welcome to continue living in your home while we work.

Factor Design Build will handle all permitting, licensing, insurance, and overall project management. Your input and involvement are however welcomed; during our weekly on-site meetings, you’ll be encouraged to let us know how we’re doing, review any revisions you may wish to have, and schedule the work for those changes accordingly. As always throughout the process, you’ll be in total control.

Once the project is complete, we’ll enter phase four—the two-year warranty and post-work inspection phase. Because we believe in the fine quality of our craftsmanship, each and every one of our projects includes a two-year warranty. We’ll even make sure that you’re pleased with our work in the long run: during phase four, we’ll schedule proactive post-work inspections for 30 days, 90 days, and one year out.

When you choose to work with Factor Design Build, you’re choosing peace of mind, efficiency, and control over your living environment. From kitchens to bathrooms to complete home remodeling and everything in between, our team’s ultimate goal is to provide you with the living space of your dreams.

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Who Is Factor Design Build?

Our Colorado custom home designs build company and team of carefully chosen architects, designers and craftsmen bring years of talent and experience to every project. We are persistent, genuine and selflessly committed to the success of your project every step of the way. Creating inspired spaces takes an inspired team with no shortage of passion for their work.

Community Giving

We are continually inspired by the communities we live and work in and believe we can make a lasting impact for good. Factor Design Build donates 1% of construction proceeds to local charities that serve our and your communities. To date, we have given back over $80,000 to these charities and support many local non-profit events.